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fastrack159ShoppersStop is offering upto 80% off on Fastrack Backpacks. Free delivery.

Likely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.

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26 Responses to “Fastrack Backpacks Rs. 159 – ShoppersStop”

  1. Aziz says:

    I received of 250. And ordered the same

  2. nitesh says:


  3. vijay says:


  4. nb says:

    shoppers stop not cancelled my order till or nor shipped . what i do , not recd 250 coupon

  5. bhargav says:

    for new coupon, there is a condition as min 500 purchase

  6. ABC says:

    you had placed the order of pricing error item again because mine order which is placed by using 250 rs. coupon is shipped.
    there site has many items with pricing error.
    you can also create a ticket regarding 250 rs. coupon they will provide you a new coupon.

  7. PSK says:

    even the order with that emailed coupan of 250 will be cancelled. I face this prblm.

  8. ABC says:


  9. ABC says:

    guys everyone who ordered the bag will receive a 250 rs. coupon,and all the orders will get cancelled soon.
    But its a great deal too because we will get our refund and a 250 rs. coupon which will be free.
    So overall its a great deal.
    i have receibed the coupon and purchased puma flip flop at just rs.64

  10. Sumit says:

    Any one received the bag ???

  11. Ankit says:

    4 din baad mail kar rahe hai ki Order Cancelled. And Refund the amount Around 15 day Later.
    I had purchased 2 of them one of 319 & 379.

  12. ASHISH says:

    send 250 coupon

    we would like to inform you that in the event the brand is unable to provide additional stocks, we would require to cancel the order. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused to you due to this delay.

    In gratitude here’s a Rs. 250 coupon that can be used to purchase anything you want on

    HOW SO ?

  13. Bk says:


    bag159 = Please enter the Valid Coupon Code!

  14. Bk says:

    My order status was showing Canceled when I placed the order, now its showing Processing. But when I call to customer care, they are saying my order will get canceled. And they give me reason, they I have placed the order when site was being upgraded. I am my self is website developer, but I have never seen like this. It was their pricing error, but they are not ready to accept it.


    I hope they will give Rs.250 coupon as ABC is saying.

  15. uma says:

    can anyone tel me the promotional code to buy it for 159/- plzzz

  16. ABC says:

    my order is not cancelled i have contacted customer care they said the order will be shipped by tommorrow

  17. RAJAN says:

    They cancelled…

  18. cooldude says:

    Ordered 9 successfully done
    Promo code is bag159

  19. Ganesh says:

    price now comes to 314
    is it still a good deal ?

  20. Gotu says:

    Yes, Order shows cancel status..

  21. akash says:

    code kya h

  22. p says:

    called to customer care now there r telling that it is a price fluctuation error

  23. p says:

    c the status of orders showing cancelled

  24. Vivek says:

    Ordered 2..

  25. vijay says:


  26. ABC says:

    booked 1
    if they cancel the order they will give 250 rs. gift coupon as previously when the jacket was at 3 rs. they had provided 250 rs. coupon.

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