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Shop from our wide range of colorful eyeglasses starting at Rs. 399 only!

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Buy: Feelgood Eyeglasses (including lens)

8 Responses to “Feelgood Eyeglasses Rs. 399 – LensKart”

  1. Syed Zoeb says:

    EmmEmm can u give us the link for 3 stunning shades for just 500 bucks? coz when i purchasing the subtotal goes to 599. how to just get the spects without lens for 99? is it possible???

  2. EmmEmm says:

    I got 3 stunning shades for 500 bucks only. And they come with cool cases. What more can you ask for guys..

    Substandard I don’t know but I got 1 pair of shades from them last year and it still holds good.

  3. mani says:

    Upto me the service was good.. And i have ordered one for 499 ..I have bought a spects 2 years back from lenskart for 500 rs and still it is good..doesnt look like a local one.. Even in you local spectacle shop they sell brands which you would have not heard about. Better you will understand when you check a contact lens here.. you may save about 50% comparing to the optical shops.

  4. sanjay goyal says:

    Lenskart guys are pathetic. They will ship the sub-standard local product with a fancy name you have never heard of. People fall into their trap thinking that the product is imported.


  5. nirav says:

    service is good??? not in everywhere or every state ok

  6. emmemm says:

    Lenskart: One word: Awesome !!

  7. Mani says:

    @nirav – I have purchased around 8 times from lenskart. The service was really good and products are aweasome and really cheap.

  8. nirav says:

    dnt buy anything ow u loose your money
    they told me that returns is excepted
    but 1st i give u 3 glasses order when i got this parcel i m confuse bcoz each glass with screeches and i call in customer care they told me we arrange call in while but today 2 days gone still no any reply and all
    i still not believe that a cheap service

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