Ferrero Rocher 16 Pcs Rs. 239 – MidDaySale

ferrero-rocherMidDaySale is selling Ferrero Rocher 16 Pcs for Rs. 239. Features delicious blend of rich smooth chocolate, crispy wafers and fresh crunchy hazelnuts.

10% off Coupon: FB242

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9 Responses to “Ferrero Rocher 16 Pcs Rs. 239 – MidDaySale”

  1. ajk says:

    Ya homeshop also cancel orders citing out of stock.

  2. a says:

    agree… even the prices on homeshop18 r way TOO high than other sites….

  3. 007 says:

    atala feedback apse toi public nai sudhre jya discount code joya nai ke buy karse fool

  4. sandy says:

    @a: dude .. have you tried homeshop18? trust me they are the worst in this lot!

  5. a says:

    midday sale is bakwaas. has booked cargo in june n still no word. after reminders they say it is out of stock n will refund …. used my money interestfree all these days. they think people r fools. some basic things like logical software exist eg u can first check available stock, set max sell qty at that level n display sold out when qty is reached. as simple as that…they forcrfully make u like them on facebook (to get additional discount) but dont show theses poor after sale performance on facebook!!!! malpractises galore….avoidable site

  6. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Looks v. pop.
    Ferrero Rocher – 16 pcs
    Rs 295.00
    Rs 14.75
    Rs 280.25
    Rs -14.75
    Rs 280.25
    Discount Rs 28.03 out of Rs 500.00
    Final amount to pay: Rs 252.23
    But I don’t have the money and would be very happy if the needies have it.Forget brushing.Jump over it.

  7. Ram01 says:

    SOLD OUT !!!!!!!

  8. S K Kedia says:

    The link take you to a box where you can register yourself for subsequent notification when the deal becomes available. The deal is not there right now.

  9. Mr Perfect says:


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