Fevicol Angular Tip Rs. 6 – Tradus

fevicolTradus has discounted Fevicol Angular Tip to Rs. 6. Features Bonds paper, cardboard, thermocol, fabrics etc.

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22 Responses to “Fevicol Angular Tip Rs. 6 – Tradus”

  1. ARUN says:

    Fooling customer by saying deal………..It is available in Rs 13 which is more than Mrp…..

  2. Aki says:

    what the hell there is no such deal available on the link provided by you in your website.. please provide some relevant and valid links to buy…dont mislead your visitors.

  3. Anonymous says:

    tradus wala chor hai i have ordered 2 orders or usne 7 din baad cancell kr dia

  4. Praveen says:


  5. Praveen says:

    I Agree with ajk, even i order 4 Double Bed Sheets at Snapdeal 100 % Cotton But they give very poor quality and KHADI product which is very cheap

  6. ajk says:

    Oh my god… I also received wrong size tshirt and wrong size vip trolley. They did it to everyone. Lost trust on snapdeal.

    These type of things are very bad for online shopping trust. Now when the online shopping is becoming a norm, some sites are making foul play.

    Best sites which have maintained their quality: mynta.com, flipkart.com

  7. Ashish says:

    i agree with ashish
    i ordered 2 shirt and 3 tshirt
    snapdeal delivered me wrong shirt and tshirt and different size

  8. ashish says:

    Tradus delivery is getting too much late. but better than snapdeal.com, which never deliver the correct product

  9. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Old accounts are working fine with Qty upto 6 can be ordered, They will Ship?

  10. vinay says:

    Tradus is always a fraud site they gave not even refunded my 2800 even after several messages they said we didnt receive at all after confirmation of the order also very worst site very worst management ever

  11. shaik shavali says:

    tradus and ebay are totally frads.even i ordered from ebay,they cancell my ordered but stii 15 days left,i does not receive my refund money. dont buy from this sites

  12. deevyaa says:

    tradus ..!. u

  13. Praveen says:

    OLD IDs se hi multiple orders ho rahe hai, WOW LOOT DEAL

  14. Gorav Kashyap says:

    its totally fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. vaibhav says:

    Tradus is a very reliable site.All the tems I thus ordered so far via MegaDeal have been delivered to me.

  16. Neel says:

    hey ,guys help..i ordered a close up toothpaste. i hav’nt received my product till yet.,,,,,,,n in the order status of my log in id,its showing that the product is dispatched to you.,,what to do,,now,,??? how can i get my money back?

  17. Mehul says:

    Tradus is now not as reliable as it was few months back. On 17th Apr I had ordered a product which was available as mega deal. On 23rd April I got a confirmation SMS stating that product was handed over to courier for shipment. Again after 7 days on 30th April they informed through SMS that the order was cancelled and they would be refunding the money. I am surprised how can a product which is already handed over to courier for shipment be cancelled?

    I guess Tradus is going the ebay way. Discounted product deals only for first time shoppers. Reliability of the site is questionable. Going forward I would be apprehensive dealing with Tradus.

  18. abcd says:

    @ rdx
    visit your Tradus account and click on Encaslate
    choose your issue and write your query and send them to Tradus …..
    They definately resolve ur query else they start refund ur money process within 2 Days……

  19. abcd says:

    I Recieved all products from Tradus till now ………..

    They rollback your order after one or two days but never cancel same thing is happenning with me 2 times and i got the products……..keep patient

  20. rdx says:

    show 10 rs vimbar at 6 rs but delever vim bar of rupees 5

  21. Number says:

    Almost all the Items I ordered came to me….But still I think TRADUS is fraud

  22. ANKUSH MITTAL says:

    Never buy any product from tradus . They always cheat you . I ordered 2 times from this website and both times , after 7 days they sent me a message that your order is cancelled.

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