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fidatoTradus has discounted Fidato Leatherite Wallet to Rs. 108. Features Bi-fold, 2 main compartments, 2 card holders and 1 coin pocket.

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20 Responses to “Fidato Leatherite Wallet Rs. 108 – Tradus”

  1. Sandeep says:

    I added to my cart and saw the following:

    Product ValueRs. 198
    Shipping ChargesRs. 359
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    Gifting ChargesRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 0
    Grand Total : Rs. 557
    Total Payment to be made

    Tradus is making people fool…please don’t buy from Tradus.

  2. umang says:

    I ordered same product Fidato brand as shown in deal from shop clues (last month this deal was at shopclues) of Rs. 123. but the product that i received was different i.e. “Ekus Gold” brand (that was also written at box not on wallet). product is very poor and had a cut in the corner.
    In fact I sent pictures of this product to them but of no use.
    Dealer had cheated, because its features that were mentioned are not the same. Wallet worth is not more than Rs.40.

  3. vijay says:

    infact Tradus has topped mega deals and are not responding to compliants as well.Refunds also taking long time. Arbitrary cancellation of Orders is common on Tradus without giving any reasons and not refunding till U send them 10 reminders for 20 days.

  4. vijay says:

    amit-where are the details reg free gifts from Tradus.How can I get them?

  5. vijay says:

    Its foam Leather. Dont Understand as to why SMI lists such lousy deals and lure Cuatomers to lose their hard earned Money. People will lose faith in SMI wth such deals and 3rd class quality items of clothes & utensils from Shopclues as well.SMI pl think about it seriously.

  6. pk says:

    Monarch tumne to chuna laga diya walletka

  7. amit says:

    tradus are giving free gifts among who all purchase with new accounts i have tried and got 15 gifts free worth 15000/-

  8. Sanjay says:

    Thanks buddy to warn :)

  9. Jay says:


  10. Kishor says:

    Thanks monarc

  11. srinivas says:

    ohhh thnks all for the info

  12. preet says:

    thanku monarc…

  13. Sam says:

    thanks Monarc and i really feel bad for u

  14. sanjay goyal says:

    Thanks Monarc, you just saved me 123 Rupees

  15. GURJIT SINGH says:

    thanx 4 info dear

  16. Nilesh says:

    Thanks my dear update/review of 3rd class wallet. SC mentioned MRP of Rs. 700 odd

  17. saurabh says:


  18. Nirmitee says:

    Thanks for the feedback Monarc. I was about to buy and then cancelled after reading this

  19. monarc says:

    do not buy this wallet..i have allready purchased one and believe me its not even cost of 20. very poor quality and third class wallet. i have just throw that wallet to my dustbin when i recieved on same day.

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