FlipKart Deal of the Hour

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FlipKart: Deal of the Hour

41 Responses to “FlipKart Deal of the Hour”

  1. Vinay T says:

    Looks like nobody got anything.

  2. Pala bhai says:

    RIP Flipkart ..!

    500: Internal Server Error

    Houston, we’ve got a problem! This one didn’t quite take off

    Looks like the page you requested does not exist or has moved. We suggest you check if the URL is correct.

    Due to an internal error we cannot display the requested page. You may try again in sometime.

  3. raja says:

    Flipkart, agar much offer Dena hai toh amazon Ki tarah Diya karo.

  4. mehul says:

    6th Oct 2014, something big coming on FK, will also be same.

  5. Pala bhai says:

    Ouch! ..Flipkart is Now Fakekart

  6. tushar says:

    Bakwaas deal…

  7. Alok says:

    baba ji ka thullu deals !!!

  8. harman says:

    super bekaar… koi deal nahi … wht d hell SMI

  9. Rahul says:

    Yes @Prasahant you are right …

  10. jackie says:

    koi deal ne ana wali asa hi lag raha hai .
    they are making us fool

  11. SAI KISHOR says:

    nothing found
    all offers are ended

  12. immu says:

    deal tho delha hogaya

  13. anish says:

    lol 70%off on puma watches which comes to around 1500 which is stil not worth it..

  14. rajesh says:

    sbi bevkuf ban gye inka kam hi ye hai bevkuf bnane ka

  15. Rathore says:

    There is 70 Percent off on puma watches

  16. SURESH KUMAR says:

    no deal ,, wast of time

  17. MKS says:

    there is no deal, fake deal showing on savemoneyindia. please post only true deals.

  18. YOGESH says:


  19. anish says:

    is the offer only for flipkart first? bcoz at 4pm it had ended

  20. Alok says:

    Deals From 3:59 PM to 4:01 PM .
    Flipkart making people fool.

  21. sd says:

    where is the deal??

  22. sandy says:


  23. Anlin says:

    F of Flipcart by Order too canceled

  24. vicky says:

    Where is deal

  25. jackie says:

    koi bhi deal nahi hai

  26. jackie says:

    time se deal aati nahi , time or net fukwa raha hai flipkart wala

  27. tinku meena says:

    at 4pm deal expired. what a cheating by flipkart.

  28. Prashant says:

    ” OUCH ” Is the Deal for the Day :P

  29. deepak kumar says:

    2 min mein over bata rahe hain.. 5 min to deal final karne mein lag jata hai or inki over bhi ho gayi ..yeh flipkart waale dimaag se hil gaye hain..jitna paisa add mein pell rahe hain ..jaldi saale sadak pe dikhegein …ullaalaaa laa leleoooo..malaya k jaise…

  30. mehul says:

    Expired, such a good site spoiling its reputation of its own by publishing this kind of deal.

  31. Zaini says:


    The new deals will start in a while.
    Meanwhile our offers may interest you.

  32. FRAUD FLIPKART says:

    cant find any deal..

  33. harsh says:

    Where is the deal???

  34. Vicky says:

    I got my both orders worth Rs-1 in a day.

  35. Raj says:

    Last week order for wallet has been cancelled after a week. What the use of this deal then?

  36. Priti Pari says:

    Headphones Re.1 order cancelled & Rs. 50 added into wallet ….. should have added the same amount of the headphone actual MRP …. Thumbs Down – WS Retail & FK — its now Kart

  37. Ashish says:

    Mine two orders were also cancelled. So. Mein abki baar ullu nahi bnuga. So no time waste. So not participating in this pagalpanti. Dosto WO ullu bna rahe hair so na bane.

  38. Shikha says:

    Aise, waise din sabhi ke aate hain, inke bhi aa jayange.

  39. sam says:

    mine order of headphone was also cancel , after 10 days . now FK is behaving very erratic

  40. anish says:

    yes true @Az.

    i had nver had such experience with flipkart until,
    when i had bought headphones of aerial7 on 22nd september still havnt recieved it. they first want u to fight for products but when u buy they cancel or dont ship,

    all the good name they made for themselves flipkart are ruining it by making customer feel they are made fools.

  41. Az says:

    This is fake offer from flipkart . Last time i won 3 deals for 1 rupee each but yesterday i got a mail that the order has been cancelled. Its waste like wasting our time in flipkart.

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