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31 Responses to “FlipKart Offers Zone”

  1. somesh says:

    2-3 seconds mein 60000 RedMi bikte the, kal to din bhar available tha….
    yeh kahan ka hai….

  2. Prashant says:

    HypeKart thats the real name that suits, they create hype, make people buy the products for dirt cheap and then cancel the entire order thats the reality of flipkart.

  3. rohit chauhan says:

    pagalooooo don’t make fool of us jahan tumne ya sikha ha os school ka principal mujse ab be tution lata ha idot flipkart

  4. Ishika Sngh says:

    awesome Clothes

  5. dheeraj says:

    Are bhavik site par jaa k return item pe click kr de 2 din me tere ghar se le jayenge aur keh diyo mujhe paise waapis chahiye de denge..

  6. BHAVIK says:

    Flipkart Service Very Good But 11 August i place the order and fast fast mistake to this order and Deliver this order 13 August in my place and last I open Flipkart box and my order is same but features are different only one main problem no extra memory slot i shock for this and after two hour i call the call canter on Flipcart and complaint for this product change other model with memory slot,after two days Flipcart advisor ans sorry you have select this product so no return no change.product Price 14299 rs So,Today this product pack Condition in My Place

  7. ashok kumar says:

    I have purchased a tab from flipkart really it is working good. Thanx to flipkart team for offering such products.

  8. ARSHAD says:

    how get 10 % off

  9. vikram says:

    Flipkart after re-assigning their website….increase lots of prices…..

  10. patel pranav h says:

    i love did

  11. Rajiv says:

    Flipkart incresases the price just before giving any discount,

  12. Vinay T says:

    All these discounts were there even before. whats new?

  13. Ashish says:

    wants to buy L.G.T.V.in 3d by GOSF

  14. Vinay T says:

    Apart from all these now they are charging 90 Rs extra for 1 day shipping, which they used to do for free earlier!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sab bakwas channel hai. DTH pr muft hi hain. Saalo loot macha rakhi hai. Iske bdle 20 dhang k channel do. Tb dekhte hain……

  16. flipper says:

    Flipkart just seems to be getting funds from crazy investors who think that it is doing a great job.
    All of them will lose money.
    What is so great or unique with Flipkart nobody knows.
    It is undergoing losses at this point in time which will only keep increasing.
    No good deals at all.
    Flipkart RIP

  17. Tomal says:

    Just Bring some good deals Plz!!!!!!

  18. Ketan says:

    Bakwaas offer. Not valid on all products

  19. rajesh oswal says:

    flipkart is FLOPkart
    higher price as compare to other online shopping site

  20. Vinay T says:

    The very reason I go for flipkart is the 30 days money back guarantee! They replace the product in 2 days flat if something is wrong or they refund it immedietly if they cant replace. Peace of mind if you can spend a lil more.

  21. prateek says:

    flipkart has very good service

  22. Ravinder Kumar says:

    Flipcart gives fake offer on your site. product are available in stock you will purchase the product but after some days a call will come on your mobile and the executive will say you. your order has been cancelled due to out of stock.

  23. SKJ says:

    We should avoid buying from Flipkart as they charge too much (sometimes upto 20%) when the same service levels are available with other online stores. Eg. Ebay, Snapdeal, Tradus, etc.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Flipkart lost its edge now we find product much cheaper in market than on flop-kart

  25. Rohit Goel says:

    not having good experience with flipkart.. in one order they delivered wrong size. and in another they delivered less items and still to acknowledge their mistake… site level has fallen….

  26. arslaan says:

    yes i agree flipkart is not very good in pricing there stuff right

    but there are some deals they provide that are too good

    for example i bought netgear n300 2200 adsl2+ modem router for only rs 2700

    whereas the lowest market rate is 3350

  27. Pappu says:

    Flip kart is a fake now… there are better deals on other sites.
    a camera that is costing 7 on flip kart… is available for 5.6 on other sites.
    same features same product same brand.
    P.S Flip-kart… People are not fool….

  28. Anonymous says:

    flipkart was good a year ago but now they just charge too much for all products, evn delivery charges hav been increased alot so now i prefer buying from other sites (snapdeal, tradus)

  29. Sandeep says:

    flipkart is FLOPkart

  30. pankaj says:

    Flipkart rarely gives any discount

  31. amit says:

    not applicable on beauty and personal care products then why its shows it wil give discounts

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