FlipKart The Big Billion Day 6th October

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116 Responses to “FlipKart The Big Billion Day 6th October”

  1. Zaini says:

    Flopkart cheat and scam coming out into news …. many retailers are discontinuing with flopkart…

    A big bulshit day …

    India never want to see again…..

  2. raj says:

    Finally flipcart apologies to all customers for the big million foul they did

  3. mrinmoy says:

    i got managed..lumia 1020 at rs 13999..and they were send me a bludart tracking number also…

  4. GEEK says:

    Now they are sending apology mails to their registered customer aka cust-se-mar…check your inbox…they have elaborated what happened to their system yesterday….. lol!

  5. VR says:

    “Big Bullshit Day”
    Ordered Gold Coins and today got a message that Your order is being shipped and after 20 minutes got a message saying Seller/Delivery partner could not deliver it to me and I stay in Central location in Hyderabad.
    Wasted whole day on the same.

  6. GEEK says:

    Flipkart claimed it sold products worth $100 million (over Rs 600 crore) within 10 hours. Now question is who were the buyers? Did flipkart sold n bought it back themselves? There r thousands of angry tweets, fb comments, messages of people who failed to buy a single item….u guys r right…it’s now FLOPkart…cheaters….

  7. xyz says:

    Remember 6thOct frndz, now this day will be known as big chutian day…..

  8. Jeshwanth Voram says:

    flipkart is trying to get in limca book of recodrs :p

  9. vivek gohil says:

    Insaniyat se aj bharosha uthagaya…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    its not flipkart.com its fakekart.com .

  11. Yogi says:

    what ever v say they declared its a hit 600 cr in 10 hrs n v all wasted our precious holiday

  12. Mohammad says:

    Is there any site where we can report fakekart(flipkart) ?
    All the response of public shows that the deals are fake.
    Comeon guys we need to report this fakekart.com.
    Buy from amazon, deals are lot better

  13. Aadil says:

    I think so much has been saidwhich is mostly true but can’t be proven .. But one thing which looks pretty certain that earlier sales of redmi Is were surely fake and were done to create harakiri .. I mean 4 sales last less than 5seconds and now that mobile is up for grabs all day that too on a discount ! ! ! And mind you this billion bullshit has been publicised more than anything ever on flipkart .. I have learnt my lesson .. Have you ?

  14. kabir says:

    And i pity SMI guys too. Flopkart ki deals type karke
    dalte dalte saare products out of stock ho jaate hain.

    Flopkart ne SMI ka jina haraam kar diya hai. Hahhhaaa

  15. kabir says:

    My dear friends please dont waste your precious time on flipkart . If we stop visiting Flopkart site
    Like a bunch of MAD MONKEYS…woh aise hi aukaad pe aa jayenge!

    PS: Dikhawe pe mat jayo apni akal lagao. When u knw it sucks then avoid it! Simple!!

  16. pAnkaj says:

    Ye to sara sar kutta panti hai kamino ne bakra day banaya hai aaj

  17. Anonymous says:

    looks like godown stock clearance (“billion”)

  18. S Sadhukhan says:

    New Scam for earning Money in A/c free of interest. after taking order and money in account they cancel the order and refund money after a weeks time. Be aware!

  19. rakesh pareek says:

    Is this flipkart’s big bullion day or it is Big FOOlION DAY.

  20. siddhant says:

    read this it will help everyone, the same has got over

  21. amr says:

    moto e seems only good deal. I bought 2 today as a gift for my mom n son. 1 i could successfully do with credit card,however for 2nd purchase my credit card just wasnt getting processed so i opted for COD. still after 3-4 attempts it was saying “something went wrong and transaction unsuccessful” in red letters. then I logged out completely and redid a fresh login and then fresh purchase. this time it was successful.

    But my shock came when i checked “my orders” section in my account….its now showing I have bought 3 (and not 2) moto e!!!! imagine my shock. the order list also isnt presented clearly like other sites as reg payment option chosen etc.
    I have already mailed flipkart (phone support not available as flipkart is busy) about deleting the 3rd mobile…usually flipkart is very good and first time this has happened with me.

    Dear flipkart…pls realise the processing mistake due to the load and send only 2 fones.
    pls look into this and my mail and rectify the mistake. otherwise it is always a pleasant experience to shop!!! thanks!!!

  22. G D AIRAN says:

    i logged at 7.50 am
    but at 8.01 am .all crazy deals 0-99 rs was sold out
    i think there may be zero inventory or 1-2 pieces
    very bad FLIPKART
    But i bourgt REDMI IS and Asus zenfone 4

  23. mohit says:

    fake site …i purchased multiple items then all of a sudden i see some of them dissapeared from my orders section as if they were never ordered!!..such a shame for a reputed site like flipkart…those 1rs. deals never existed they were only playing their cheap games with we people

  24. Anonymous says:

    i had windows 7 phone bought for 15k. it got outdated in 1.5 yrs after win 8 came.
    For any app installation now it is saying it is not compatible with your OS.
    I think same case with other phone OS also
    I was expecting a phone to last atleast 3-4 years.
    Surely the phone is capable of handling the apps.
    this is just marketting strategy so that they can keep selling more and make more money

    so think twice before buying costly mobile phones

  25. deepak says:

    Flipkart has deleted all my order history!!! vow!!!

  26. sonu says:

    two days before i wrote real story of flipkart cheat us & its seller also cheat us. They are first orer confirm and then after cancelled order. So, now they are deleted my account and not any other link working, like forget password. & no responses 24×7 customer care dep.
    really shame shame flipkart…. “Sachchai Hamesha Kadvi Hoti Hai”.

  27. Anonymous says:

    sahi bakra eid banai aaj flipkart… you flipkart …

  28. sabya says:

    flipkart down down aaj tak ek bhi coupon code offer nhi diya.BIG BAKWAS DAY going at flipkart
    guys i have a good deal for all of you.
    iball 21mbps wifi ready dongle at 679 but checkout must be within 15 min of adding to cart.
    best of luck go to amazon

  29. arjun says:


  30. Tanmay says:

    Yes……Bakra samaj rakha hai…..
    Showing pendrive at 1rs and before coming its gone……
    All the steal deals are gone within seconds…Actually only good ones are gone….

    But I’m happy to order lenovo tablet worth 10500 at just 4999……

  31. raja says:

    Amazon is best, I got Lumia 625 @7000 and 530@3850.

  32. Krishna says:

    FlipKart The Big BAKRA Day 6th October

  33. Sunny says:

    They advertised lg led tv 32 inch in 14900\ but i can’t see lg led on website at this price, all are 19900 onwards. Can anyone guide about this.

  34. Krishna says:


    Redmi 1S was getting out of stock within seconds… Now its more than 6 hrs and its still in STOCK….. how come its possible ?????

  35. taryb says:

    yeah i ordered nokia 1020 in just 13999/ rs…

  36. az says:

    @Sachin : are u sure u bought it for 13999?? or it was 19999??

  37. Abhishek says:

    Kitna mamu banara flipkart .. bhadve log kabhi dekha hai kya 1 min me sold out ..?? 1 min me to transaction bhi nahi hota baat karta hai FLIPKART CHOOOR …

  38. Munish says:

    Flipkart & Snapdeal dono me competition hai…Dekhte Hain kon jyada ullu banata hai

  39. Alok says:

    if flipkart gives us a single mobile in 1000 /- only it will be the big day but we all knowit is fake ..
    so don’t waste time at all!!!!!!!

  40. Dhimant says:

    I believed Flipkart a genuine shopping site, but this time got disappointed… If they have not enough inventories, they should not have advertised like this… I am sure, this time, they have played game with customers… I know, it would prove boomerang for them… The prices and terms of Amazon.in is far better than this site… I just wasted my couple of hours…

  41. Sachin says:

    Anyone got the lumia 1020 for 13999????
    I ordered one and now its permanently discontinued…..I hope they dont cancel my order…….

  42. Ganesh says:

    Guys compare products price with Amazon,

    I think Amazon is offering a good price compared to Flipkart,

    Flipkart is cheating consumers :(

  43. Gourav says:

    Height of bulshit terms and conditions!

    I ordered 2 products worth 11000 and made the payment using Rs. 200 Wallet balance and Rs. 10800 my citibank card to get the cashback.

    I was considered disqualified for the cashback of Rs. 1080, because I used my Wallet balance to make the payment.

    Also, if you get the product gift wrapped (after paying Rs. 30), you will be not be considered eligible for cashback.

    Flipkart sucks!

  44. Sachin Bansal says:

    The only thing you get is a day waste..

  45. yash says:

    just able to book 16 GB card in 220….only one prod
    uct….and wasted so much time

  46. Vicky says:

    advertisement was bigger than the offers. It was for two whole minutes but offers are just for seconds.

  47. dinesh says:

    i got babuji ka thullu in rs 0

  48. kimi says:

    fellow. Indian flipkart is ullu banaying guys there r no products at all.because within mili seconds it goes out of stock … the big billions ullu day by flipkart

  49. kbn says:

    MOTO e at 5499 is only good deal…
    else all r for show purpose only…
    i think noy selling the item just playing with customers

  50. vivek gohil says:

    Feku flipkart vale….
    They canceled my 2orders after conformation….
    They shown 8gb sony pendrive at Re1 but they only want to show us but not to sell…
    Amazon is best
    Flipkart west of time…..

  51. Mohammad says:

    Please rename flipkart.com to fakekart.com
    No real deals.
    Foolish marketing schemes.
    Selling outdated products.
    Steal deals are almost fake and outdated.

  52. Amit says:

    Deep psychological insight: This Flipkart sale plays on our FOLO (Fear Of Losing Out) syndrome.

  53. Alok says:

    deals hai bas ye log ullo bana rahe hai !!!

    amazon is much better then flipkart !!

  54. Ravi says:

    Amazon is performing much better in case of deals. did you see that no returns on flipkart for promotional products. 10% discount too on credit cards at minimum txn value of 10000/-
    completely ‘BIG BOGUS DAY’

  55. Himanshu Chawla says:

    All steal deals coming are out of stock…

    Flipkart is just posting add but in actual there is no product available..

    Ullu bnaying..

  56. vijay says:

    the billion day sale is a fake sales.they sold only one product.just a minute out of stock.so today also flipkart also fake company.

  57. KAPIL says:

    all the time ………………………………..don,t waste your holiday Indian friends… sab bakwas h kya snapdeal kya flipkart all is wasting time….
    never beleive again on these site cheap sites

    500: Internal Server Error

    Houston, we’ve got a problem! This one didn’t quite take off

    Looks like the page you requested does not exist or has moved. We suggest you check if the URL is correct.

    Due to an internal error we cannot display the requested page. You may try again in sometime.

    Take me back to Flipkart Homepage

  58. Himanshu Chawla says:

    Any product page u open first page loading 500 ! internal error then loading out of stock… wtf Flipkart .

  59. shanya says:

    we can know flipkart gimmicks only by simple example of redmi phones which goes out of stock in less than a minute and today its available even after two hours of sale…………its their own tricks and tactics to declare out of stock to avail customers attention

  60. deepak darling says:

    Bakwaas h Flipkart.
    It is cheap marketing.
    Unreliable service.

    Amazon and Snapdeal are better than Flipkart.

  61. Ram says:

    ullu banarey… add to cart kiya… Add bhi hua Pen Drive @ 1.
    Jab check out kiya to batara… Empty Cart.

    Bogus Day..

  62. Jazz says:

    April fool again coming. But in October month only on Flipkart

  63. bharat says:

    AMAZON shows FLIPKART who’s the KINGPIN…

  64. bharat says:

    Lost faith in Flipkart….

  65. Rishabh says:

    i ordered something for 899 and as soon as the order got completed price changed to 2999..wtf..no cancellations ..now i will not accept there product..when they deliver

  66. Anon says:

    snapdeal offers going on
    better than flipkart.!!
    Rise of snapdeal & fall of flipkart

  67. Ravi says:

    Amazon is performing much better in case of deals. did you see that no returns on flipkart for promotional products. 10% discount too on credit cards at minimum txn value of 10000/-

    completely ‘BIG BOGUS DAY’

  68. anmol says:

    its a flopkart !! waste of time.

  69. bhushan says:

    No. 1 fool site auto delete my sandisk ultra 3.0 card ,,,,,,,, and terms and conditions : no cancelation , no refund

  70. Ravi says:

    Expectation was too high due to name of FlipKart and advertisement in Media. but it is completely bakwass. wake-up early due to this but no useful offer.

  71. Ravi says:

    Look the name, BIG BILLION DAY, its for flipkart, not for users.
    didn’t see any special offers, steal deals were just a CRAP.

  72. az says:

    @All : Guys dont get excited that you got mobiles @90% discount .. wait till you get the product coz last time i got 3 products for 1 Rupee but flipkart cancelled all the orders

  73. Anon says:

    The sale started at 7.56 am.&All the steal deals were out of stock at 8am

  74. hardik says:

    transcend 16gb p.d and karbonn phone autodeleted from my cart ..cheap tricks by fk

  75. ashwin says:

    don’t lie. those purchased show ur bills… flipkart ki muft me marketting mat karo….

  76. sam says:

    guys give 1 star for waisting our valuable time….

  77. Ravi says:

    Disappointing that Flipkart is following the cheap publicity tectice. Beaware Flipkart at the end there is a high cost to pay for losing reputation.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Karbonn A5i was available till 8:24. I was just viewing its details and it came sold out in 2 min.
    Got a bit late. At 8:00am, could have got Transcend 16GB for Re.1 and Kodak Cam 90% disc
    Missed it!

    Instead of giving few people so much discount and sell out in 20 mins., they can reduce and distribute the discount across their stock so that it doesn’t become a physical race or person with high speed internet or tech savy persons getting it

  79. ashish gupta says:

    Flipkart is Fool site

  80. karan says:

    I got Nokia Lumia 525 for Rs900 only.

  81. hardik says:

    NO REFUND .. No Cancellation on any products ..FLIPKART SUCKS

  82. Akg says:

    We have received your order OD1009418379420xxxxxx amounting to Rs.899 and it is being processed.You can manage your order at . Thank You!

  83. ashwin says:


  84. laveen says:

    got nokia lumia 925 at 900 only.. YEPIII…

  85. anish says:

    smi guide us how to login and add to cart both are not possible right now.

  86. Pranay Sinha says:

    It was a total fake offer.As soon as i added product in cart, it became out of stock. What a shit….Never try to buy anything from such poor e-commerce site to avoid being frustrated which has only few products to offer….

  87. Akg says:

    Ordered kenstar mixer just in rs 899… Galti se 2 baar order ho gaya :D dont knw wht to do??

  88. sharma says:


  89. Sudhir says:

    Only markting trick.. nothing else.

  90. KAPIL says:

    farzi lagta hai 14000 ka tab 1300????? can’t believe

  91. anish says:

    anyone able to login?

  92. Sanjeev says:

    Agree with Anish

    They are now making fool of people. Flipkart is now going on track of Shopclues; their is nothing new in their BIG SALE! All the products on the prices higher than Amazon and other competitors.

  93. Anonymous says:

    all are out of stock,makes me again fool.dont trust it

  94. yogi says:

    Nope in less than 2 mins it says OUT OF STOCK ??? not sure if its marketing technique or was genuine deal

  95. harsh says:

    @jazz : nothing bro

  96. Jazz says:

    Any body got 90% off items

  97. Aj says:

    This is SHIT, woke up @ 6am for the same, Been on flipkart page from then onwards and all steal deals are out of stock the moment the sale began. cheaters Flipkart, Fake sale . Just publicity

  98. Sunny says:

    Fake deal…

    Everything is out of stock…


  99. deejay says:

    bakwass flipkart ullu banaing sab out of stock hai

  100. Akg says:





  101. anish says:


    I would always recommend it to friends n family n say its best and dependable but not anymore.
    Flipkart made such fool of us on 22nd sept 2014 where it was either 90% or 1 re deals.
    i had bought aerial 7 headset on 90%discount and was really excited about it when they cancelled it after 2 weeks n gave 50rs credit in return.
    i mean seriously i have bought thousands of worth good from them and they treat in such way.

    and here is the proof

    Greetings from Flipkart.com!
    We’ve processed refund for the following item/s in your order OD200824077324647400.
    The amount of Rs. 439.00 towards the order/item will be refunded to your bank account/card by Wednesday, 08 Oct’14.
    Help us improve by sharing your valuable feedback.
    Seller: WS Retail

    AERIAL7 Phoenix Salsa On-the-ear Headset
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or need further assistance.

  102. ASD says:

    Braze Your self for tomorrow road side item sale. now flipkart wanna to be shopclues, the last order i received from flipkart is a mouse which is badly pack to cut the cost and increase thier profit,they send my mouse in a polybag with bursted bubble rap, from outside Packing look like they send a underwear not a electronic item. they lost all there sense how to pack electronic item now only they think about is money, this was my 10th order from flipkart but may it was last one.
    so beware they will send u defected item with bad packing, i order my mouse on aug 15 sale and how they send,it is totally pathetic.

  103. sam says:

    flipkart has jacked the price too much today for tomarrow sale. they will give discount on inflated price.

  104. raja says:

    To the illogical guy, in my area amazon give free shipping and cash on delivery but flipkart don’t give cash on delivery. Since Oct 1, flipkart said they cant serve in my area. They cancelled my two orders. Yes they give money in my wallet. But Mein ab us wallet ka kya karu agar mere area Mei ab woh delivery nahi karenge. Amazon is best, their customer service is best.

  105. gaurav kumar says:

    Best deliveries. With the worst rates. Products way costlier than amazon. Not preferable…

  106. pankaj says:

    flipkart ne koi offer nahi diya bhang ka is diwali festival aur amazon BANG BANG clearly winning battle.

  107. amit says:

    amazon is big master in ecommerce but flipkart is waste and use to cancel order if discount is more than 65%

  108. sam says:

    I strongly belive amezon is best among all..and ofcourse its my personal view….

  109. the logical guy says:

    hie people ,i dont think you all should critisize flipkart without any proof of injustice that it has done to you !!

    flipkart delivery is the best available even now

    for ex- i booked three books from amazon and it took them 6 days to deliver it whereas flipkart delivered the same three books in 2 days .

    and as for the sale its really good
    for proof see their add
    here you can pause and see each frame individually and then you will see how big this sale is going to be .

    FOR EXAMPLE there IS

  110. Ajk says:

    Amazon ne flipkart ki hawa nikaal di

  111. sabya says:

    flipkart will not give anything.
    At the end u’ll take home only babaji ka thullu !!

  112. Jazz says:


  113. Nitin says:

    Again a chinese smartphone will gona launch with freebies, flopkart.

  114. GAGAN says:

    Flipkart always fool people, ordered redmi twice was cancelled by them. without any reason justified

  115. vishal says:

    may be one plus one mobile launch

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