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princeware17ShopClues has Food Storage Container Set of 17 for Rs. 239. Features air-tight so that their contents stay fresh for a longer period of time, transparent so it’s easy for you to see what’s inside & modular design so that they can be easily stacked one above the other & microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Coupon: SC4FC24

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9 Responses to “Food Storage Container Set of 17 Rs. 239 – ShopClues”

  1. Ruchir says:

    SMI saab ko gussa kyon aata hai.
    U knew that Boss that Dev cannot be so naive to see those minor things.The best person to judge is who has spent money and if one gets what he has paid for he will not complain etc and most adjust even with very clear fake items,at the most a review.
    That was why I wrote such pakau maybe observations to prevent others from difficulties immediately.And I personally think some heeded to my advice.
    It maybe as good as All Time containers etc but psychologically it may hurt as manufacturer has made these to fool someone,online or offline and sell in the name of a brand.
    I guess Celestial is a brand+economy and going to place an order soon.

  2. Dev says:

    SMI – I have been using princeware products since long.. The logo is a crown, but the bottom line of the crown is a curve & not a straight line.. Moreover, it will be printed princeware and not prince below the crown. Hope you have seen princeware utilities…

  3. seshu says:

    plz dont blame people

  4. User says:

    SMI dont act too smart

  5. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Have you ever seen Princeware Container Set? Only the outer container has sticker and their logo is Crown symbol & Prince text.

  6. Dev says:

    SMI you have fooled yourself and others too.. I ordered the product, just to find that it was a mere fake, promo from shopclues. Only the outermost big box has a sticker naming princeware… in all the other smaller boxes, there is a name “prince” and not princeware.. the logo is near to princeware logo but it is not..

    It is SMI whose fault in promoting such wrong deals… Please check the authenticity of the deals before posting it.. Shopclues never declared it as Princeware…

    Waste of time & money….

  7. Ruchir says:

    17 Inch TFT,Google chrome,32 bit depth,resolution 1024*768 resolution and the image says Storefresh as the heading which is almost 3 times other font size description.Nowhere Princeware found.BUT if one has used it and matches logo etc or knows Storefresh is its product line,these 2 scenario point to that.MERE image does not prove anything unless others also are able to say it only via image.
    And equally important ques is whether they say they are bound to send things exactly described in the image or not.Which T&C.Or are images indicative.And is item description important and Shopclues is bound by that as stated by themselves and common sense also.It must be.Here in description no mention and so you can’t claim it if it turns no Princeware.In courts,he will say are you kidding.I stated Other and you understood Princeware. Not me but BMWC will further say how come you buy by zooming and matching via forensics.I don’t sell to FBI cops.
    At best Princeware users can see Princeware in it and hope it is clicked and not copied for indicative purposes when most are not clicked.If God is happy,fine else contend with 17 pieces which is good price for local and my opinion is it is not PW.Time will tell after actual deliveries.

  8. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Zoom image.

  9. Ruchir says:

    Many others must be doing the same thing but Princeware word comes nowhere in the listing and the word other is mentioned as Brand. Princeware is not mentioned in the image either.It is bookmywish and you can aspire to get at least what is shown in the image

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