FoodPanda 50% off + Rs. 50 off on Rs. 150

foodpanda50Apply in FoodPanda:
50% off Voucher: OMG50 (max discount Rs. 150)
50% off Voucher: FP50 (max discount Rs. 100)
40% off Voucher: WELCOME40 (max discount Rs. 150)
30% off Voucher: RIN40 (max discount Rs. 100)
20% off Voucher: CR20 (max discount Rs. 150)

Apply AFTER Pay online > PayUMoney:
Rs. 50 off on Rs. 150+ Coupon: REWARD50
Rs. 50 off on Rs. 200+ Coupon: ENJOY50

Website: FoodPanda

38 Responses to “FoodPanda 50% off + Rs. 50 off on Rs. 150”

  1. Gags says:

    Payumoney option not working since yesterday…only option to make payment is PayTM

  2. Sandy says:

    Not working in some part of DELHI.

  3. Sandy says:

    SIM pls don’t put these food panda coupons. WASTE :-[

  4. iShopfree says:

    New games from FoodPanda, it doesnt let use coupon for many stores with online payment, rather it claims that ongoing and existing offer going on so cant use coupon.

    I thing we all know, “We can afford to ignore FoodPanda, if it ignores to offer discount via coupon”

    Cheap tricks by FoodPanda. I call directly to store and negotiate with them !

  5. ram says:

    i order 1 order now..lets see what happen???

  6. Anonymous says:

    foodpanda does not let you apply coupon at all

  7. bhupi says:

    F100C Voucher code not valid showing while trying to checkout

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where is the column to enter the voucher code?

  9. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Very limited no of restaurant available with online payment. So not ordering.

  10. Sanjay Verma says:

    Guys first find restaurant and then filter by “online payment enabled” then it will show only restaurant which can serve you with discount, worked well for me

  11. MEHUL SHAH says:


  12. mkgp says:

    coupon is not sending by food panda

  13. nazim says:

    its working..

  14. VENKAT says:

    yes, i agree with vikas, there is no online payment options and i asked the customer care (through chat) they says(Garima
    In you’r Area We have 3restaurants registered With us But at present we dont have online Payment facility available With them)


  15. vikas says:

    its not showing payment option as cc
    and thus coupon cannot be applied

  16. Ganesh says:

    Useless. VEry few sites havng online payment option.

  17. Srinath says:

    waste site waste coupon…never works

  18. rohann says:

    why this add is posted by you SMI??there is no such option of online payment availaible on foodpanda….because after applying coupon it shows ‘THIS VOUCHER IS NOT VALID WITH THIS PAYMENT METHOD.

  19. rohan says:

    smi can u tell what is difference B/W cooupon WN150PND50 and SPECIAL PANDA

  20. Giri says:

    after hard fought with the hotel guy..i got all my order with the discount…looks like there was a mistake at the hotel end.

  21. Giri says:

    ordered the discount..but when i got the order…i didnt get all the items which i ordered…now no one from Panda is picking the call….hotel guy says he got the order for the items he delivered….and the tricky part is the price of the new items is the amount i paid…and it dont match the price from the menu when i ordered….
    so all total nice way of taking money of showing for discount and giving items only for the paid amount..

  22. rohan says:

    smi HUNGRYPANDA coupon is not why u posting this add????

  23. andydselva says:

    its panda fever ,tasty coupons are gone expired when they turned 6 i think so…hehehe..good for us .more online malls has 2 come 2 benefit us…jai ho

  24. rohan says:

    thnx smi and foodpanda. now enjoy yummy food :D :D

  25. rohan says:

    how to avail besharam with offer @sagar

  26. Sagar says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome deal!!

    I clubbed 250 off discount + Besharam deal@
    Got food worth Rs. 700/- at 315/-.

    Thanks SMI.

  27. Ganesh Garapati says:

    I ordered 5 biryani and the total amount was 600. I paid 350 and coupon discount is 250 (total 600). I got a call from FOODPANDA and asked me to pay 25 extra for container charges and sent the invoice again to my email. It’s bit disappointed however, Awesome deal.

  28. Ganesh says:

    doesn’t have a online payment option and coupon is not validfor COD

  29. Bat Man says:

    offer Expired

  30. Gaurav says:

    Yupp, it’s working perfectly fine on Online Orders.. Just that it’s taking a lil longer to deliver.. I guess too many pending orders bcz of the huge discount!

  31. Ramana says:

    Yes, its working . I got the discount, waiting for the delivery.

  32. vivaswan says:

    not a singl resaurant accepting online payment in est delhi :(

  33. Mehul Shah says:

    Ya working but limited but limited choice of restaurant in online payment.

  34. prateek says:

    hey ,even i ordered it and as suggested use online payment filter and it worked
    yeah i still saw there was an issue at some restaurants using the coupon, it was showing amount should be more than 400 and it was 400 but still. its fine.

  35. raj says:

    its working..

  36. Sarthak says:

    me too got it……flat discount of Rs 250/-

  37. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Ravi,

    You probably didn’t apply filters on the left hand side. It worked for me (I chose Online Payment filter). I got discount of Rs. 250.

  38. Ravi Sankar says:

    Do not waste your time…It is applicable only for Prepaid orders…THING is there is no option to select prepaid order, these people are making us fools…After selecting the items by spending valuable time…finally you will not be allowed to apply coupon without prepaid orders, but there is no option in the website for prepaid order

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