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KidzBlush is offering Free Angry Birds Flip Flops. Could be pricing error.

Offer: Free Angry Birds Flip Flops (Rs. 0 on adding to cart)

10 Responses to “Free Angry Birds Flip Flops – KidzBlush”

  1. Hardik Shah says:

    This offer is bullshit.. nothing working.. savemoneyindia please dont allow this type of use to post.. please block him immediately

  2. Anonymous says:

    199 rs

  3. abc says:

    will any1 plz tell me what’s d coupon code 4 dis

  4. donald says:

    Price: Rs.199 ??????????????????????????????

  5. navindra says:

    i don’t why save money india allows such seller on their site …

  6. Ruchir says:

    One of some people has bought 20 from 20 diff accounts for 0 so it was very much there briefly.For gimmick or pricing error,you decide.But whether anybody will get 1 is not very difficult to preempt

  7. rahul s says:


  8. Tapas says:

    Unable to select size.

  9. Ruchir says:

    Can you tell me the name of the magician who could add it to the cart.Thanks at 2-18

  10. Mahesh Vaswani says:

    No Use.
    Can’t add to Cart.

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