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jd-app• Download JustDial App & Get a Free Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat Movie Ticket.
• Offer code can be redeemed to watch the movie Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat for shows between 25th September to 8th October subject to availability.
• User would have to bear the convenience fee for online booking.

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7 Responses to “Free Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat Movie Ticket – JustDial”

  1. Saurabh Rajput says:

    Best Comedy Movies…
    Total Ticket Booked – 25
    Thanks sMi…

  2. Rajeev says:

    Great Rajput!!!

    See Baankey Ki Crazy Baraat 4 times… ;)

    And then comment here about your experience.

  3. Saurabh Rajput says:

    i got it 4 times…

  4. avanish says:

    steps for booking:-
    1.downlowad justdial app and register with name and number.
    2.if otp do not on movie option in just dail app..and proceed further ..soon it will send sms containg promocode. go to yor region and ticket
    4.on payment on offer..thn click on starpass…thn enter tht code..and hence it is done. taxes and other charges it will 20 or less..via paytm…it is giving 25%…

  5. Saurabh Rajput says:

    Fallow These Steps…
    1. – Download JustDial App from Play Store.
    2. – After Intallation open it and put Down your name and mobile no.
    3. – you will get verification code through SMS
    4. – just put this verification code in Fill in the blank.
    5. – and 5 to 6 min. you will got star pass code.
    6. – and use it
    7. – in Payment option you will find offer and then use this star pass code in starr pass tab.
    8. – then apply
    note . – you can also book Gold Seat which value at this time 300 Rs.
    Just Paying 22.80 Rs. extra.
    Hurry Up My Friend…
    (When you got Star Pass Say Me thanks…)

  6. Kashyap says:

    how u get it?

  7. Saurabh Rajput says:

    Yes i got it…

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