Free Chronic Migraine Awareness Wristband

bandAdvanced Migraine is offering Free Chronic Migraine Awareness Wristband. Features Purple is the adopted color for headache disorders. When accompanied by a red stripe, the color purple symbolizes those who are suffering or know someone who is suffering from Chronic Migraine Syndrome.

Offer: Free Chronic Migraine Awareness Wristband

4 Responses to “Free Chronic Migraine Awareness Wristband”

  1. hahaha says:

    aree yeh freehi h na kisi ko mila kya ab tak??

  2. latif says:

    muje bi bejo na

  3. surinder sultan says:

    -Send me free wristband on following address

    Surinder Sultan
    18-A Tirath Nagar Talab Tilloo
    Jammu j&k
    Pin 180002 opp SAI BABA LANE
    Mob.No +919419198566

  4. manoj kumar singh says:

    i like this Wristband

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