Free Hindustan Unilever Product Samples – SmartPick

smartpickOptions: Surf Excel Matic Front or Top Load, Lipton Green Tea – Pure & Light, Dove Hairfall Rescue Shampoo, Huggies Wonderpants, Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar, Comfort Fabric Conditioner, Close Up Diamond Attraction, TRESemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation & Pepsodent G Gum Care.

Offer: Free Hindustan Unilever Product Samples

126 Responses to “Free Hindustan Unilever Product Samples – SmartPick”

  1. vishal says:

    Got it.. Thanks..

  2. Ayush Agarwal says:

    Woah!! Got today a dove and a pepsodent, which i ordered 11 months bak on october/november 2014.

  3. Asif khan says:

    I got 2 smaples after 6 months.
    They sent me a 3 rs sachet of tresamme shampoo
    And rs 45 close up dimaond attraction toothpaste..

  4. Sheri says:

    Received 4 products as free samples. Was good. Thanks

  5. amit says:

    Received yesterday from overnight express

    those who did’nt receive contact the courier may be the courier has taken it because free sample is written on the top of the pack

  6. Devansh says:

    I got it today..i ordered it 4 months back..

  7. Keeran says:

    I have ordered 2 months back till now i have not received

  8. ayyappa says:

    Thank you i received 4 samples on Tuesday May 2015

  9. neelam says:

    i visit that website but it says “website is currently under maintenance” if any other similar site is available?

  10. Avijit says:

    Finally got yesterday. After 5 months of order.

  11. Prakash says:

    Logo ko bewkuf banata hai.Don’t believe on it.I ordered 4 samples a month ago but not found any sample up to now.I also did 2mails .It is useless.

  12. Deepika says:

    I had lots time placed smart pick but site can’t open error was site under maintainane .pls give me solution.

  13. andy says:

    got 2 pack of samples thanks.

  14. amit says:

    thanx smart pick

  15. ajit says:

    I got it twice nice packaging bt shmpoo ka sachet dia! Rewardme. In gvs a bottle

  16. Deepak says:

    Did any one got it recently?

  17. Elumalai says:

    i registered and samples requested more than 1 month ago, but i did’t get receive samples upto date
    i think this is foolsih

  18. SUBHASH says:


  19. manu says:

    Received the samples today.. thanks Unilever & SMI

  20. Arjun says:

    i visit that website but it says “website is currently under maintenance” if any other similar site is available?

  21. shilpy kapoor says:


    Today i got 4 sample.

    Thank you

  22. pushpdant says:

    8 box receive in last two day
    thanx u savemonyindia

  23. Raghav says:

    I received today, Please send mail to Xpressbee courier for update on AWB shipping status

  24. meenu says:

    I have received no.product till date and also nothing track by awb. No.

  25. unknown says:

    I received today

  26. sadaf says:

    Received 8 samples today. 4*2 from two different accounts.

  27. naresh says:

    hello all friend . please koi batayga ki smart pick k free sample kkon se korier pe aate hai

  28. R1 says:

    details given in your confermation mail with a/w bill no is the courier Xpressbees

  29. R1 says:

    got 2 out of 4 yday and you can check the status from given a/w bill no.

  30. mahendra says:

    I recieved it :-D

  31. Hema says:

    Got my samples a few days ago.

  32. akshat says:

    @subhasish behera from where u have checked / tracked the status of your products??? As the Airway Bill No. provided by smartpick at the time of placing our orders are invalid & could’nt be tracked at

  33. subhasish behera says:

    i ordered 11 products with differnt number and i check the status its still wiating in kol centre

  34. suraj says:

    I received 3 days back

  35. Keeran says:

    @Amith, I received the confirmation mail & AWB no but in the courier site its not showing details with the provided AWD no…

  36. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Sachin ,
    at the time of putting request for samples , you must have received a confirmation mail which has Airway Bill (AWB) no. as well as courier company details.

  37. sachin says:

    How to track that they shipped items or not.pls reply who received sample that bywhich courier service u receive d

  38. singh says:

    i too received the same email.

  39. AMIT GARG says:

    my location NCR/Delhi.
    Check with courier company last week they confirmed 6th JAN for delivery
    But today they are saying still 7-10 more days.
    reason for delay as per xpressbees is they are waiting for confirmation from UniLever.

  40. Tanmay says:

    For all those who haven’t received yet…Got an email…:-

    Dear Tanmay Bhargava,

    We thank you for your interest in Smartpick and placing your order with us.

    It is our endeavour to give you the best possible experience. During the last few days we saw unprecedented traffic and did not anticipate the sheer number of orders that we received. Due to this, there is likely to be a delay in the fulfilment of your order.

    Our logistics team is currently working overtime to speed up the process and send you an update about the delivery of your order as soon as possible.

    We sincerely apologize for the delay and hope that you have a great experience using the products.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Smartpick Team

  41. Anonymous says:

    i got my 16 samples . because i am doing 4 ordered.

  42. James Bond says:

    site is down

  43. Rajesh says:

    received the 1st of my 4 free sample lot.thanks.

  44. Umi says:

    i got a sample.

  45. Shoheb says:

    Got mine ordered 2 received 3…

    Grttt deal

  46. Neha says:

    nt received products yet

  47. kamran says:

    Got Nothing

  48. Upen says:

    Anybody received samples in belgaum?

  49. Abhi says:

    i received A dove soap 25gm
    2 packs of surf excel 200 gms
    1 small pepsodent.

  50. suraj says:

    i say it’s only the fault with courier services they been send through

  51. SHIVAM says:

    Who got surfexel sample

    What is quantity of surfexel sample

  52. anamika says:

    book kab karaye the

  53. Atul Mahajan says:

    Hey… I received 2 sample products yesterday… very good products..

  54. mohammad ashraf says:

    jiska aya order date btaye

  55. Raghav says:

    @Gayathri Did u got samples? when did u ordered, as i am not able to track order. please tell me where did find your order?

  56. gayathri says:

    ya i got samples

  57. Sonali says:

    Nt able to track order,its showing no shipment details found
    How much quantity did u guys receive of ur ordered products?

  58. Vipul Garg says:

    Me too got 2 samples.

  59. ashish says:

    today i recieved two box of free samples which i ordered thanks smi

  60. Samik says:

    Haha..mami ko mamu bana dia :P

  61. mami says:

    sorry to say my friends,i got a big packet ,but no item in their…
    don;t know what is going on…
    where is fault…
    Please help me…

  62. netrafter says:

    Got it yesterday..

  63. APS says:

    Got it Yesterday in Bangalore

  64. mil says:

    got it 27dec.Thanksss

  65. Samik says:

    7th Dec.

  66. sumit says:

    samik bhai kab order kiya tha

  67. Samik says:

    I recieved it :-D

  68. kapil says:

    bhai kisa ka aya kuch k nahi. mujhe toh lag rha hai 100% fake.

  69. dj says:

    Bhai ye ayenge ya nhi.maine p & g k order kiye the 3 months ho gye aaj tak nhi aaye..

  70. mehul says:

    Yippee Recd today all 4 in 4 account in Mumbai. Thanks. SMI

  71. keyur says:

    100% fake. Order two month back till not received aslo shipment was not trackable. No data found In shipment no.

  72. prasad says:

    hai guys p&g samples recieved i have 3 ordered i got 3 tme samples .iam trusting hul delivered free samples

  73. Ganesh says:

    100% Fake Till Now Unable To Track The Shipment & Unable to Contact

  74. hiren says:

    totaly fake>,smart pick

  75. Bala says:


  76. RAJ says:

    Hello ALL fack hai not any tracker

  77. chandra says:


    do not waste your time, shipment details not able to track

  78. gopis says:

    fake shipment details not able to track now

  79. RAJ says:

    Try to order it, its free so u need to give only five minutes to fill all the data. I ordered last month in P & G products and I got that on today 11-12-2014. You can order the same u will get definitely. And enjoy.

  80. Rakesh says:

    I am using apple 4S i am not receiving OTP?

  81. fgh says:

    good offer

  82. Riyaz says:

    Hello guys
    can you please tell me i odered 4 sample but i have one doubt it’s a Free Delivered to given address, No need to pay any amount, please tell me it’s totally free right?

  83. Raj says:

    I have ordered the samples. I have some doubt. Sometimes the courier guys doesn’t deliver such products. I request smartpick please don’t write “free samples” on the top of the packet…

  84. Manoj says:

    hw they can generate AWB no. without sending the courier? Is it fake no.?

  85. balwinder says:

    nice products

  86. Gautam kumar says:

    Thanks smi
    Waiting the product…

  87. phani says:

    ordered hope it will come tanq

  88. ashish says:

    Vishal y u sayin not to order using chrome? I just ordered with chrome and then read ur comment

  89. Sahil says:

    Its Awesome thnxxx SMI

  90. dr dhaval jani says:


  91. dr dhaval jani says:


  92. neha says:


  93. prasad says:

    success fully ordered. but i have doubt they will send or not any way thanks smi

  94. GauravGM says:

    Thanks SMI
    Hoping that they will ship

  95. name says:

    why wud a site will have a

  96. vishal says:

    Guys if you are doing through mobile then use basic explorer do not use chrome/firebox/opera

  97. Pranab J. Phukan says:

    I have ordered the samples. I have some doubt. Sometimes the courier guys doesn’t deliver such products. I request smartpick please don’t write “free samples” on the top of the packet…

  98. vab says:

    ik ac se 4 hi honge kya??

  99. ujjwal says:

    ordered it- website is slow, be patient. got awb no. also

  100. ajay aryan says:

    it working site,just ordered..ajay



  102. Anonymous says:

    yes it working, just ordered 4 items…

  103. Chetan says:

    i have done. i ordered 8,,, thankyou

  104. dheeraj says:

    working for sometime and sometime not

  105. Tanmay says:

    it was written try 4 and share you experience/…

  106. Tanmay says:

    @AJAY how did you ordered 8.???

  107. karthic says:

    Hope they will ship the products.

  108. Ramandeep says:

    Site working n ordered. Thanx smi

  109. AJAY says:

    Its working.. just ordered 8

  110. Rajendra says:

    Website not working

  111. Pawan says:

    Page not found

  112. dj says:

    not work bad

  113. AMS says:

    Website is working now.

  114. AMS says:

    Website is not working.

  115. hi says:

    not working link, why fake llink provided in this site

  116. DJ says:


  117. santosh kumar says:

    Website not working..

  118. AMIT GARG says:

    website is working like hell.

  119. Tushar says:

    Website is dead…

  120. JJ says:

    done… (y)

  121. zfr says:

    Great ! I ordered the offer :) (y)

  122. rohit says:

    Website is not working

  123. Adarsh says:

    Hindustan unlever products are being used in 99.9 % house holds getting its free is amaging

  124. Suzit Gupta says:

    Good offer…
    products ll be deliver within 3 weeks & providing tracking details as well…
    Thnz smi n Hul…

  125. abc says:

    ordered 4

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