Honda CB Trigger Test Drive

honda-cb-triggerHonda is offering CB Trigger Test Drive. Features 149.1 CC Air Cooled 4 Stroke SI Engine, Power: 10.3 kw (14 bhp) @8500 rpm, Torque: 12.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm, Advance Design Diamond Frame Chassis, Front Telescopic Suspension & Rear Mono Suspension.

Offer: Honda CB Trigger Test Drive

3 Responses to “Honda CB Trigger Test Drive”

  1. Jagadish says:

    Y u posted this we all know test drive is free…

  2. BOSS says:

    Is it a Front page deal or super deal?
    Its been always free. you don’t need to send them your private details. pop in to showroom and take a taste drive

  3. Varun K says:

    All Tsst drives are free,,,,,,,Is it a super special one, One may assume that if Test ride costs then the price may be much higher, so avoid such BS & BC.

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