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Free Gifts are on first come first serve basis, Use “Free Checkout” as payment option. Only 10 minutes left.

iWantDesi: Free Gift | Facebook (offer details)

33 Responses to “Free iWantDesi Gift”

  1. kalyan says:

    Guys I ordered 2 wallets on and it has been 17 days and the delivery is not done. They are saying it is with courier. Please beware of this site.

  2. rocker says:

    My free gift dispatched yesterday, let’s see what’s the free gift is.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Recommend never visiting that site.If one needs to escape trapping permanently.

  4. Sandy says:

    Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!

  5. Manas says:

    Ordered, Let See what I receive?

  6. Nitin says:

    this is only the promotion that site…. nothing elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

  7. Sridhar says:

    Save Money should not post such deals and spoil its own reputation.

  8. Mohd Misbah says:

    @Abhishek rightly said

  9. Abhishek says:

    Bhai Log Kisi Ko Kio Gift Nai Milne Wala Hai..
    Company Joo 200 Ka Gift Gift Chila Rahi Hai Woh Hai :
    Free Gift in reward points: 200
    Check Kar Lo.. Add Cart Ke Upper Likha Hai…
    Kuch Fookaat Mein Nai Mila Hai.. :P

  10. JAY says:

    SAVE MONEY INDIA Please mark this as offer ENded

  11. Amulya says:

    Site did not load until Out of Stock

  12. shrey says:

    they r trying to make us fool,
    i request all those who have liked them on fb to unlike and boycott the site

  13. RAJIV says:

    Ordered::::: no. is 98

  14. LAVISH says:

    kya order kiya

  15. anil gupta says:

    out of stock hotae hi site is working not good start i want desi mae umeed karta hoo ki apke site fail ho jayae

  16. Fukka says:

    Total fake.. no free checkout option.

  17. Man says:

    Are o think zara itni lambi phenkne se pehle kuch to thinking kar…

  18. think says:

    I have created 5 accounts, in 3 placed order, let’s see…

  19. Raghavan says:

    May be Gaurav from bullshit site

  20. Anuj says:

    saale jhhoote

  21. anil gupta says:

    gaurav is mad pagal banta hai

  22. Man says:

    Out of stock show kar rhe hai saale dhokebaaz….chor……

  23. KRISHAN says:

    but how ?????????????

  24. LAVISH says:

    kya place kya

  25. Gaurav says:

    i have placed the free gift order, lets see

  26. pankaj says:


  27. Naresh says:

    again fake

  28. Hariharan says:

    I am sure they wont send (you can not buy), the site is dead slow and not opening…Worst Site ever…

  29. Sandy says:

    No data received
    Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

  30. Man says:

    Free ka maal aasani se nhi milta bhai logon…….

  31. techfreak says:

    site is not opening up

  32. anil gupta says:

    site is not working kahae pagl banate ho smi

  33. techfreak says:

    site not working

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