Free MamyPoko Pants Diapers Extra Small Sample – MamyPoko

mamypoko-pantsFeatures Pant style baby diapers by Mamy Poko Pants provides quick solution as they are easy to wear and remove.

Website: MamyPoko Pants Diapers Extra Small Sample

17 Responses to “Free MamyPoko Pants Diapers Extra Small Sample – MamyPoko”

  1. Gagas says:

    I’ve not received any sample till date. ordered last time.

  2. Annu says:

    I got one sample last time

  3. rajnikant gadhiya says:

    hello save mony india just tell its fake or its send this item ?

  4. neeraj jindal says:

    thanks for the information… just registered for free sample … lets wait and see

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its fake.. I ordered 3 times. But they will not shipped yet…

  6. sri says:

    i too got it last time

  7. firoz r mev says:


  8. Man says:

    Just got the sample pack today. It worked for me.

  9. Manju Rawat says:

    savemoneyindia is good site…. I have a very good experience with it… But only one id & mob. they sent the item whether it is free or paying item but it is just fantasic…I recommend it to all.

  10. kaushikpriya says:

    Just registered for free sample.. Lets wait and see…Bcoz for first time i did this ..hope so it comes…

  11. ShahJahan says:

    I agree with mrk.

    I too had requested two months back and didn’t receive it.


  12. mrk says:

    they r not sending just collecting contact details.

    I have requested around two months ago and still not. received.

  13. Rishi says:

    Bus mGinger maha CHOOR site hai, pls kuch bhi mat khridna mGinger se

  14. Charul says:

    I receive 3 from different I’d n mobile no..

  15. sanjeev kumar says:

    ok ganesh,

  16. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the Information…Just registered for free sample.. Lets wait and see

  17. sanjeev kumar says:

    hello savemoney india,just tell,its fake or its send this item?/?

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