Free Mobile Recharge – WeChat

wechatAccumulating Rs. 5 Daily: Make a Voice/Video call of minimum 1 minute + Send a sticker in the group + Post a Picture or Sight on Moments.
Invite a Friend & get Rs. 25: Recharge > Invite and Earn. Invite other users to install WeChat and post registration, send a message to their friends at least once. The other invited user can be a non-WeChat user or a user who had used WeChat before 30-JUN-2014 but hasn’t opened the WeChat app on his phone since.

Only denominations of Rs. 50 can be redeemed at one go. For redeeming the accumulated Balance, Recharge > My Balance.

Download: WeChat

15 Responses to “Free Mobile Recharge – WeChat”

  1. RIZWAN says:

    All 3 steps done several times a day but still stuck at Rs 5 from last 3 days.
    Wechat is cheating with us.

  2. touchg says:

    Recharged over 5500 , invited more then 200 + friends ,

    Kafi late post kiya smi ,
    Mai to pahle hi loot chuka hunn an to koi contact hi ni bacha invite karne ko.

  3. lakha says:

    bhai koi hme btao ki ye ka rechrge kaise karenge

  4. prabhat says:

    Bhai neo har baar phone no. Naya dalte ho ki same hai baar
    Kyuki ye confirmation kar raha hai

  5. neo says:

    no trick. just invited more than 45 frnds from 2 device

  6. Sudeesh says:

    Moment is nothing but a page like fb…u can post pics and all there….Find it from Discover tab on the main window of wechat…..

  7. saikat says:

    how did you got so many recharges ?? any special trick ?? @ neo

  8. nagarajan says:

    @Sachin. Do u have any sense? do u knw what i m talking about? mindless peoples. Bcoz its not funny. Sight on moment only available on wechat v6.0 , now its available only for iphones. Android still has wechatv5.4.

  9. neo says:

    just invite frnds.
    u get 25 rs for 1 frd who instal app by cliking on your link generated by wechat.
    other offer is waste in which you have to do 4 activities for rs.5.
    and anyone please give me advice about I have RuPay card and I want to recharge by freecharge but in payment option there is 3 option for selecting card MASTER VISA AND MAESTRO
    so how I can pay?

  10. cheeta says:

    abe kya ghatiya offer h

  11. sachin says:

    i dont understand the 4th act, ` i don’t understand the 3rd act. post a picture /sight on moment ? what is this? please explain?`
    are you that dumb or was it supposed to be funny,? please explain?

  12. Viv says:

    Itni mehnat 5 rupees ke liye? Samajh kya rkha hai hmein?

  13. neo says:

    I already got 2000 recharge by inviting frnds.
    but they give to me in 50 recharge in pieces
    so I got less amount. they should direct give same amount bt its good deal anyway.

  14. sitar says:

    take a picture with your mobile camera at that moment and attach it on group

  15. nagarajan says:

    i don’t understand the 3rd act. post a picture /sight on moment ? what is this? please explain?

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