Free Mobile to Mobile Calls

Save yourself and your company valuable time and resources. Meet and collaborate with anyone in the world over safe, reliable, HD video and audio conferencing. When you need to meet face to face on any device or across any platform, choose to Fuze!

1. Sign up & get Audio Conference Pin from Welcome to Fuze Meeting email.
2. Mobile 1: Dial 0008000016688 (toll free) & enter Audio Conference Moderator Pin followed by #.
3. Mobile 2: Dial 0008000016688 (toll free) & enter Audio Conference Attendee Pin.

Offer: Free Mobile to Mobile Calls

9 Responses to “Free Mobile to Mobile Calls”

  1. Lakhan says:

    Please tell me how to make call
    I am having pin but don’t know how to make call.

  2. Ruchir says:

    @Varun-Many like Viber but other person have to use same app. Rarely useful

    @NY-Whether told or not,since starting zeroes point to a ISD,so is a risky business. It looks and functions like other free conferencing tools but if you mistype a digit,I don’t know what will happen.When scheme is ended arbitrarily before trial or technical error,well,potential problems.Won’t be able to do anything.

    Better to dial with a SIM having almost nil bal.

  3. Arvind Yadav says:

    Guys I tested it’s simply Rocking.

    If any sort of deduction your phone company doing then you gotta tell them that its toll free#; basically raise a complaint against the Phone company.

    You should be simply rocking afterwards.

  4. mahesh babu says:

    for viber net is required na…!

  5. VARUN KAPILA says:

    better to use VIBER

  6. mahesh babu says:

    its working but voice delay is more…!

  7. NY says:

    vodafone haryana deducted balance on this toll free no 0008000016688

  8. luckymast says:

    They always said pin code is incorrect.what was that problem??

  9. arun says:

    Billshit !!! No Audio Conference Pin is given in mail…

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