Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample

nivea-body-lotionConfirmed working.

Nivea is offering Whitening Body Lotion Sample free to first 10000 entries. Features helps repair years of damage, restoring the radiant, beautiful and flawless skin tone you always had.

Nivea: FlauntYourBack (Register > Start Accessorizing > Submit > Share your details)

15 Responses to “Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample”

  1. harsimran says:

    i got it today

  2. deepika says:

    nivea product is very good.

  3. Hiren says:

    Want to try it out

  4. KD says:

    Dosent work

  5. yUG says:

    i wanna try it……

  6. Ashish says:

    Even i want to try once.

  7. santanu kumar david says:

    I think the Picture….. that is posted above….. is of Nivea Total Face Clean-up….. Its not a picture of Nivea Body Lotion….

  8. akshata says:

    nice product makes you skin smooth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    bekar hai Ye Niviea Kabhi product snd nhi krTi…

  10. lucky says:

    fake…last time i participated… didn’t get anything….

  11. Sarath says:

    After registering and when clicking on Start Accessorizing it takes to a page which says:Not available for mobile. But am doing this on my PC.
    SMI plz check

  12. DEEPAK says:

    Please try again. There was an issue with smaller resolutions and it has been fixed.


  13. Lokesh mp says:

    The Brand Nivea itself gives the truth, believes and moreover customer delightness from these many days.Its clinically approved by experts, So we must go ahead with that.

  14. DEEPAK says:

    It shows Not Available for mobile even when doing from PC.

  15. sourav says:

    it is a very good lotion ii want to try it

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