Free Personalized BBM Merchandise

bbm-freeInvite 5 of your friends and Get Cool BBM Personalized Merchandise Free (T-shirt, Cafe Mug or Sling Bag).

Offer: Free Personalized BBM Merchandise

5 Responses to “Free Personalized BBM Merchandise”

  1. rahul s says:

    Unbelievable… I reveived my bags today.. i dint xpect actuly but they sent 2 bag.. 1 for me n 1 fo my sis..
    Thnk u SMI :) :) :)

  2. shweta says:

    i got cafe mug yesterday thanks SMI :)

  3. godson says:

    what is BBM pin?

  4. sky says:

    is it for india?

  5. Ruchir says:

    BBM PIN.Looks BBM needs installed once to later use the pin or no feebie.

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