Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge

loot10• Valid on Web & App.
• Offer valid on all payment modes.
• Valid once per user.

Rs. 10 off Promo Code: LOOT10

Website: FreeCharge | App (Android | iOS | Windows)

101 Responses to “Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. samuel says:

    help me, I got message “You have reached maximum number of redemption…”
    i change google Ads its did not solved…
    any other new solutions

  2. raja says:

    Code expired

  3. Anonymous says:

    3rd class..whats rubbish..Smi whats this??????

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  5. royalkc says:

    Code expired ….waste of time…who d hell u post this offer..totally shit

  6. harshad says:

    Sidht very down and cde expired

  7. Clint George says:

    It is not working.. shows code expired..

  8. Hiral Chheda says:

    PayTM has its own blog where they post new offers. Freecharge dont have such blog due to which people find it very difficult to know latest offers released by freecharge.

  9. manish says:

    First site down now code expired within an hour…wow what a waste of time???

  10. Anonymous says:

    Code expired

  11. nooni says:

    code expired ..

  12. Joy says:

    Code Expired

  13. vimraj says:

    nw d offer is expired..very bad

  14. Priyanka says:

    the code has expired

  15. pradeep says:

    the code is expired

  16. bhupi says:

    Both sites mobikwik and freecharge are dead at the moment, freecharge code saying expired the last time i was able to use it a minute ago, they are failing to keep ther shit together :)

  17. Lalkishore says:

    Saying ” The code has expired”

  18. vt says:

    code expired …wat a f***

  19. kishore says:

    Site is fully down. Maintenance was not fare. Waste of time…

  20. Keyur says:

    website is not opening

  21. OnHax says:

    503 – Error

    Site Total ShutDown : Due to Traffic Flood!

  22. Shamikh says:

    yes i got recharge of rs 10 with freecharge credit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    baler offer

  24. ashiwni says:

    The code has expired

  25. kashish says:

    site is totally down
    no payment or credits can be used to recharge..

  26. kiran says:

    site was slow

  27. vab says:

    Not working

  28. Jitender says:

    Not Working

  29. kapil says:

    try letter error very poor busy site

  30. Swapnil says:

    Something went wrong ;-)

  31. Sam says:

    Why freecharge is not giving any offer for Windows App?

  32. damodar says:

    freecharge is very bad service all coupon show “there was some technical issue for redumtion for thise coupon”.

  33. Srikanth says:

    Working for me.

  34. vijay says:

    wrking for me

  35. Anonymous says:

    no code received lol

  36. Anonymous says:

    not recharge

  37. kathik says:

    gingerbeard version getting this error “Technical issues in the redemption of this code. freecharge should fix this.. very sad :(

  38. yogesh says:

    yes I got it

  39. Babjan says:

    Technical issues in the redemption of this code

  40. Avinash says:

    those having technical issue in the redemption , it is happening because you all have tried every promocode desperately for last few days so try using xprivacy if u want to recharge through same phone or try on another phone

  41. SUPROTIM says:

    its working…… i get it.. thnks smi

  42. Anonymous says:

    itts working…!! realy…!! 100%.

  43. xyz says:

    old offer not for those who use it few days back

  44. sunil says:

    NOt working showing technical error

  45. ritika says:

    not working

  46. Gags says:

    not working…it says “You have reached maximum number of redemption……”

    Pathetic…don’t offer coupons if you don’t wanna recharge. Bullshit message

  47. HR says:

    code not receive.

  48. Pranay Sinha says:

    Got it. Thanks SMI and Freechrge…

  49. Anonymous says:

    Got error: – There was some
    technical issue in the redemption of
    this code.

  50. Narayanan says:

    Got it 10 rupees recharge. Thank you SMI and Freecharge

  51. Hari says:

    It says was some technical issue in the redemption of this code… Why this error happening.. Please help me to solve.. :(

  52. Anonymous says:

    kya hua aap ne miss call ke liye bola bt replt ni kiya

  53. Ravikant says:

    It worked for me, for both my phone$, recharge your phone for 10/- Rs. Use code rcvd by sms. It will charge your payment to nill and recharge your account.

  54. tinku meena says:

    i give three misscall by three different number. and done three recharge with three different device.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Not working now. No code recieved

  56. Akash says:

    wow.. it wrkd. :)

  57. sanju says:


  58. Kunal says:

    Not working now. No code recieved.

  59. nitesh says:

    invalid code bata raha h??

  60. snil says:

    NOtworking giving technical issue error

  61. ziyadh says:

    its working

  62. swati says:

    Good got but unfortu one mobile one recharge one number

  63. faisalkhan says:

    It’s really awesome

  64. anmol says:

    Window phones ka kya hoga bhaiyo?

  65. Bani Patiri says:


  66. hiren says:

    pl. help how to.apply. i got the unique code.

  67. Ankit says:

    There is some tchnicl error for redemption of this code… Wht can i do frndzzz….???

  68. jackie says:

    Only once per device.
    Any idea how to get multiple recharges

  69. abhishel tiwari says:

    technical error pls some body help

  70. mario says:

    i got it unicode. then what can i do

  71. Captain America says:

    It’s work..:)
    Free Recharge On freecharge .. what an offer sirji

  72. raju says:

    when code is logged it says there is some teqnical prohlem in redemption of this code.

  73. Anurag says:

    I got it :)

  74. mm says:

    I got it

  75. avanish raj says: it..thnx..svmi

  76. kumar says:

    there was some technical issue in the redemption of this code……some body help me to resolve it

  77. kanha says:

    i hv got only once, pls tel hw to repeat

  78. mukesh says:

    Only one time

  79. kabir says:

    I have a airtel number and when i dial 18002001806
    it says the number doesnt exist. Please help.

  80. Real Viral Patel says:

    It worked for me also

  81. sk says:

    I have got it thanks smi

  82. Viral Patel says:

    It worked for me.. Thanks SMI

  83. SUPRIYA says:

    @ Kunal
    How u got 5 recharges ?????

  84. Debasish says:

    Got error

  85. Anonymous says:

    Only one one device

  86. MTJ says:

    Every scheme is for Android phones…what about nokia phones…

  87. SUPRIYA says:

    only once per device…….

  88. R K Meena says:

    Kunal bhai akele hi offer ka loofat uta rahe ho……thnx smi

  89. Rishi says:

    Got error: – There was some technical issue in the redemption of this code.

  90. Kunal says:

    Got 5.

  91. sivateja says:

    Working only once per device…

  92. G D AIRAN says:

    one mobile,one recharge only

  93. sanju says:

    got it 20rs different id and different mob…..thanks semi

  94. kadu says:

    Keshu ullu mat banao

  95. abhi says:

    vodafone says please check ur no

  96. Jitender says:

    Phone working. Code received. Successfully recharged. Thanks SMI & Freecharge.

  97. keshav singh says:

    Got It

  98. kadu says:

    Airtel says no does not exist

  99. raj chauan says:

    This route is busy. Please try again after sometime

  100. Anant says:

    Not working

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