Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Vim Free Talktime

vimGive a missed call to Vim and on call back enter Vim Dishwashing Bar’s Barcode to get Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge.

Missed Call Number: 09029069353 (Barcode # > 1 > 3)

Example Vim Dishwashing Bar’s Barcode: 8901030506390

38 Responses to “Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Vim Free Talktime”

  1. Sanket says:

    Used … very good

  2. Anonymous says:

    But where we will apply the code plz anyone tell

  3. Amita says:

    not received any code.

  4. RSK says:

    Got 70 recharged (including all my hostel friends)…
    Thanks SMI

  5. prateek says:

    Got a lot of free codea from shop but its saying that its not valid…

    I have 100 s of codes

  6. hari says:

    I tried so many codes…
    But,I did n’t received any amount…

  7. nikhil says:

    Not working this code is not available

  8. Anonymous says:

    vim bar khareedo new code paaoo dear kyuun yaha ro rahe ho…

  9. dpk says:

    Got already used…plz sent more codes yar..plz

  10. prateek says:

    Its saying already used… Plzzz give a looot trik yrrr

  11. prateek says:

    Code # >1>3 means…

    It means… Enter vimbar code and then press # and then press 1 and then press 3

    Didnt get yet.. But applied my.mind to break the code

  12. ragu says:

    how is it works explain pls

  13. Sevy says:

    good offer… thanks SMI.. offer only for prepaid numbers.

  14. Sho says:

    Thanks chandan:)
    Use dis code guys 8901030539022

  15. Aman says:

    THANKS CHANDAN AND SMI — 8901030547386#

  16. Pranab says:

    thanks Chandan :)

  17. chandan says:


  18. chandan says:

    its worked for me 2 times for 2 different no.
    use this code-8901030547386

  19. doc says:

    From where I get code?

  20. ASHISH says:

    how it works frnd

  21. Uttam says:

    what does this # > 1 > 3 mean??

  22. anii says:

    already used

  23. Skr says:

    How ?explain

  24. prshant says:

    got 8 recharge in my friends number
    SMI rocks

  25. mani says:

    instructions only in Hindi & Marathi. anybody please example in english

  26. Shuchi says:

    Code already used.

  27. srinivasa reddy says:

    I got it… Thanks smi

  28. Krishna says:

    How to use.
    Please guide us

  29. Skr says:

    I got it

  30. raju says:

    waste of time… already used

  31. pardeep says:

    already used

  32. Rocky says:

    Already used…

  33. Anil says:

    Thanks Smi. I got 10 recharged..

  34. jawahar says:

    Saying that,”Already used bar code.”

  35. vamsi says:

    i am not understand wt there are saying please help

  36. nik says:

    its already used

  37. Jai says:


  38. Umesh says:

    worked, Thanks

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