Free Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Card on ANY Purchase

amazon100• Purchase any product (excluding Gift Cards, eBooks and Apps) and get a Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Card.
• This offer is valid only for orders placed today (July 02, 2015).
• Each customer is eligible to receive only one Gift Card, irrespective of the number of orders placed.
• The Gift Card will be credited to the Amazon account after 30 days from the close of the offer period.

Website: Amazon | Terms & Conditions

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Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Wash 20gm + Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Card Rs. 65
Park Avenue Classic Shaving Cream 30gm + Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Card Rs. 70

14 Responses to “Free Rs. 100 Amazon Gift Card on ANY Purchase”

  1. rohit says:

    The Amazon customer care said to me on call “please wait for 3-5 business days and if you then still don’t receive the gift card then contact us again”. They are even creating problem with an order I placed yesterday, saying that payment isn’t confirmed yet, well what the *, I payed totally fully using gift card, my GC balance has been deducted, then what’s the problem with payment.

  2. manu says:

    my order got canceled i dont weather they will give gift card r not

  3. ajay says:

    i have ordered all the product by gift card then also I got Refund thank You mail by AMAZON..teling Rs 100 will be credited at 10-08-2015.

  4. meena says:

    i forgot also abt this purchase i purchased but still not got the prody and 100 rs also

  5. vinod says:

    Not received

  6. aakash says:

    got email from amzazon :

    Hi Aakash,

    We’re writing to you regarding the order placed on on 2nd July, 2015 as part of the ‘Thank You’ campaign.

    Your purchase entitles you to receive a Gift Card worth Rs.100. The gift card will be credited to your account by 10th August, 2015.

    Thank you for choosing

  7. sumit says:

    anybody received gift card ???

  8. sai says:


  9. dR says:

    @shoeb… same thing happened to me also… bought 10/- GC 10 times in 10 accounts… anyhow… let’s see…

  10. Shoheb says:

    I confirmed with the chat agents at 10.30am and bought rs 10 gift card.. they said you will get rs 100 gc in return but now they have mentioned except Gift Card, Ebook & Apps, earlier it was just Ebook & Apps…

  11. dR says:

    initially around 5.30am or so they haven’t mention excluding gift cards,now they have realized and rectified it…
    after all it is their company ,they can alter anything anytime…

  12. Ashish says:

    Clearly mentioned in green colour bracket tht excluding gift card ebooks and apps

  13. mehul says:

    @Dr i think that is not valid. You wont get gift card in purchase of other gift card.

  14. dR says:

    buy 10/- gift card, after 30 days u will get 100/-
    so 10 ka 110…

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