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olacabsYou can use your Ola Money against any city taxi bookings.

Referral Code: TR500 (Register on App using Referral Code)

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  1. netrafter says:

    Ola scammed to get new customers without marketing & cheated each one.

  2. juhi kashyap says:

    Ola is a very bad company guys .. app ko 1 star rate do

  3. mehul says:

    @Amaan K Your analysis is very good. Pl send this text to Ola & also on FB page of ola.

  4. Rohan says:

    Yeah,, very well said. Ola did this very wrong. Ruined their image in front of people. Lost people Trust. Whatever had happened, they should have at least informed people in prior. Many were stuck in between. This was very wrong and unlawful. And for all the accounts created they should at least give 200-300 credit that they give for new accounts atleat.

  5. Armaan K says:

    Wonderful Strategy by Bhavish Aggarwal & Team – TO GET MORE FUNDING from Matrix Partners India, Steadview Capital, Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global by acquiring NEW CUSTOMERS WITH ZERO COST ( REFERRAL COST ) – COUPON CODE – TR500

    Modus Operandi

    A COUPON CODE – TR500 was floated by the company in the market & every deals website reported it in the first week of October on their website or to their members.. The News Spread like Wildfire because of the Diwali Festival Season & people started using the code TR500 to SIGN UP on & Even on their Mobile Apps on Android, Apple, Windows. IT was a simple thing to do …While signing up you have to mention TR500 as the referral Code & as soon as you are signed up you will have 500 in your account in the form of OLA MONEY.

    There was no prompt or any disclaimer or any kind of any other Details required by the OLA CABS to create an account with this REFERRAL CODE TR500 Infact there was no mention of TR500 Code on the Entire OLACABS Website. ( It has popped up now in the last 3 days)

    A Common Man or a common person like me who got to know about this from the Internet or a Friend would just sign up on olacabs with this Referral Code TR500 & was so Happy to receive 500 in the account which does not have a expiry date & can be used for rides anytime. 1 Successful Sign Up with the credit of 500 as Balance in the Account would generate atleast 3 account from friends & relatives which ultimately ballooned to few thousand signup in a short period of 2 weeks. Every person was referring another person to take the advantage of this Secret Diwali Offer from Olacabs. The CODE TR500 worked till 4.30 p.m of 17th October 2014 & all the thousands of New Accounts were accepted & Created & Credited with 500 by using the code TR500. At 7 p.m I called OLACABS to know why this Code is not working they only mentioned that the CODE is not applicable anymore & it is discontinued.

    From 18th OCT 2014 all the people started facing the problem whoever had signed up by using this CODE TR500 & maybe all the accounts which were created using this CODE were fraudulently deducted the 500 Balance of OLA MONEY without even any intimation to the account holders. Many of them ( maybe hundreds of them) must have got stranded halfway or must have been in a awkward position or may have to beg or borrow or maybe mishandled, molested or in some kind of trouble after they completed their FIRST RIDE on OLA CABS ( Whoever signed up have seen 500 as Balance in their Account BUT NONE OF THEM knows that they have been cheated & the account balance have been deducted or taken away from their account fraudulently without even giving them any information or SMS or Email. Their FIRST RIDE with OLACABS has become their worst NIGHTMARE when the driver ask them for the money for their ride as their is no OLA MONEY in their Account.

    Now Olacabs website shows the TR500 Code in their Offers & also mentions that it is only applicable for Thomson Reuters Employees….( If that was the case Why there was no prompt or disclaimer or CONTROL of the CODE at the time of SIGN UP ???? – If it is really so genuine then A Simple Solution would be to ask for the Employee Code of the person at the time of SIGN UP

    In other words….OLA CABS took away all the OLA MONEY by back door from all these thousands of NEW SIGN UP without even informing them about it….( Isn’ t it FISHY ? Every deduction of Ola Money has to be informed to the or Illegal is another issue)

    Another Reason why it is a FRAUD or CHEATING by OLA CABS

    After this whole episode of NEW SIGN UP came to light OLACABS added TR500 Offer on their website after 17th OCT 2014 to prove that the TR500 Code was illegally availed by the general public & they have mentioned very clearly now on the website that

    Olacabs reserves the right to revoke Ola Money earned through this scheme if user is found in violation of any of the above conditions.
    Olacabs may, at its sole discretion, withdraw / discontinue any offer / discount. Offer validity is subject to dates being revised by Ola Cabs.

    so that it is easy for them now to term this whole gimmick of New Client Acquisition as Illegal & to deduct 500 from all the thousands of account & yet get the advantage of New Clients Acquisition of these thousands of account at ZERO COST to the company. ( Everybody who signed up for this TR500 would have signed up on referral from their friends, colleagues etc) In a normal case ALL New SIGN UP are given a Referral Benefit of Rs 100 & the person who refers them also gets Rs 100 ( this is the least amount that Olacabs spends on acquiring a New Customer)

    Now this is the most interesting part of this mega fraud by OLACABS

    ALL THE NEW REGISTRATIONS/ SIGN UP under this TR500 Referral Code has signed up from 1st October 2014 or 3rd October 2014 till 17th October 2014 with the Code as TR500.
    To term it as illegal is first of all a lame excuse as the company have to CONTROL the CODE & not the common people. – ( This page was added after 17th October 2014)

    Offer on the Website clearly states

    Applicable on: First signup on mobile app
    Offer Details: Rs.500 ola money
    Referral Code: TR500
    Offer Terms:
    Referral code can only be used by users signing up on Olacabs mobile app or website.
    Referral code grants Rs.500 Ola Money to the user.
    Offer is valid only for employees of Thomson Reuters.
    Offer expires on August 31st, 2014.

    OFFER EXPIRES on AUGUST 31st, 2014 – TR500

    Now ANYONE in this World & particularly THE CHEATERS OF OLA CABS tell these THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE as Why the CODE was still Working till 17th October 2014 ??? ( 47 Days after the Expiry Date )

    Isn’t it a long time for any CODE or COUPON to work in these fast paced interconnected world of Internet in 21st Century



    IF the accounts were created & amount was credited the company OLACABS has to give the BENEFIT of that amount to all the account holders ( OLCABS have a series of LAPSES in this whole episode Right from the acceptance of the CODE to the CREATION of the account & then the creation of the account & ULtimately the biggest Goof UP of Deducting the complete amount from everyone without any intimation leaving them in a more difficult situation in the middle of the road )

    OLACABS can be successful if there is a participation of COMMON MAN ( Rich people have their own cars) IF the COMMON MAN is FOOLED, SCAMMED & CHEATED like this…….then it will really mar the image of the company ….& these days there is a lot of competition in the market for the taxis…TaxiforSURE, Meru Cabs, Cell Cabs, Uber etc

    You can fool a person once by giving all the possible excuses like TR500 was illegal Code, It was only for Thomson Employees, It expired in August, it was a technical error, Mr XYZ of Thomson leaked it, Mr ABC the website master did not put proper control, The Website had a server problem for authentication etc etc…any many many more excuses…BUT at the end after getting the credit & then by illegally deducting that amount (without any intimation ) you have really really created a atmosphere of fear in the common man because he is putting his hard earned money in your OLA MONEY WALLET & GOD knows tomorrow you will deduct all the DIWALI 100% Cash Back Amount from the WALLET too by saying that it was Technical Error or something…in simple words His MONEY can be deducted & treated the way the OLACABS want it…by assigning an illogical , unreasonable excuse.

    People have a lot of complaints like Excess Waiting Charges, Long Routes, Harrasment by Drivers etc but those are regulars complaints of the industry which can be sorted out with few clients but this PULLING BACK or DEDUCTION of OLA MONEY is a very very serious issue.

    Why Clients should not be penalized for NEW SIGN UP / REGISTRATION using Code TR500

    1) Common Man does not know & Don’t want to know who is Thomson Reuters
    2) Common Man only knows that if I use TR500 for referral Code at New Registration I will get Rs 500 as Ola Money in my Account.
    3) Common Man knows that all companies these days offers New Registration Benefits & also they offer Referral Benefits to both the person( Referred by & New Sign Up)
    4) Common Man also knows Olacabs gives Referral Benefits to both with the Referral CODE being used at the time of Registration
    5) Do you expect a common man to investigate for every Code or Coupon they come across on Internet or through Friends or Relatives ??
    6) Lastly. if all the lapses are from OLACABS why the COMMON MAN has to suffer ????

    My suggestion is that OLACABS should refund back all the money deducted from all the accounts who have signed up & registered using TR500 code as a GOODWILL & if they really want serious accounts (people who will use OLACABS) then they should give a Expiry DATE to these GOODWILL Amount of 500 as 31st December 2014 (Maybe half of them will not use it & it will expire) It will help OLACABS to retain the TRUST of these Thousands Plus it will reinstate the TRUST of Thousands more who have shaken from this episode. (People do TALK if they are getting some advantage & also when they are CHEATED)

    Technically from the financial point of view OLACABS have to consider that they are paying 300 EXTRA for every account who has registered using TR500 ( They spend 200 for Referrals – 100 New User & 100 for the person who referred) BUT they will surely retain & also boost up giving a fantastic image of commitment in these competitive market.

    Mobile : 9900693599

  6. mehul says:

    Not a good policy, they must inform before expiry.

  7. mil says:

    It is very bad….very….very…..
    i lost my ola money. now its showing balance 0. and earlier it was showing 500.

  8. sahil says:

    i lost my ola money. now its showing balance 0. and earlier it was showing 500.

  9. faizan says:

    Hahahah tm sb ki kismat kharab thi i got benefits of more than 4000 with diff ids

  10. shadab says:

    Bhai loog hum to ola ke faaaaaan ho gayaaaa. I have never seen such a service in my life. Ola service is even better than 3star hotel

  11. ASHISH says:

    Cheater also deducted my 500rs

  12. Rahul says:

    The 500Rs got deducted because it was only for Thomson Reuters employees. Hence the code TR500. If you’re a TR employee, the amount will get refunded.
    Just call the customer care and give your employee ID.

  13. Munish SinglaI says:

    Ola is Cheating with people. Worst company i have seen in my life. Nobody in my circle gonna use this cab service in future.

  14. vivek pandey says:

    biggest faker last night I have to pay account have money BT they say you don’t have ola money…chokers don’t use

  15. JIGNESH says:


  16. Munny says:

    Ola Money got deducted automatically. Its not at all fair now i m going to file a complaint in consumer court and never going to use the services of ola cabs.

  17. rahul says:

    Stopped working today. One of the best deals I’ve got online

  18. S Hari Datta says:

    Tq ola, got 500 and used it today

  19. ashutosh says:

    today i have booked and complete the raid
    very good ola

  20. Uttam Kumar says:

    How ti use it?? if I 500 in my wallet and if i travel for exact 500 then i dont have to give any cash to driver?? how does driver know my wallet balance does he have any device??

  21. prateek says:

    amazing got it 4 times and even took ride twice ,…love u smi

  22. faisal says:

    Kya kisi ne ride try ki he??

  23. anand says:

    how to use these500

  24. aditya says:

    i m also got 500
    m very happy
    thanks ola and savemoneyindia

  25. vivaswan says:

    got 500 thnx

  26. srinu says:

    got it 500

  27. Sarthak says:

    Hi bhaskar…Ola might not be applicable to your city but whenever you go to other places(where ola is applicable), you can enjoy the services of a cab at a very less cost or may be even free depending uupon the distance travelled.

  28. RAHUL says:

    bhai 2000 Kaise mila ??

  29. naren says:

    Does this credits work in Bangalore also ?

  30. bhaskar says:

    It’s showing “sorry ! We do not provide our services in your city yet”
    Now what’s the use of this 500 balance…. Plz friends help….

  31. Anonymous says:

    got 500!thanks

  32. sugeesh says:

    I got 500. Excellent..

  33. Amitesh says:

    Got 500

  34. love says:

    Tell me semi maine install kr k sineup kr liya but blance kese milega

  35. love says:

    Ye blance mobile no. Pr ayega kese

  36. Az says:

    Working .. @Nitin , how come 2000rs??

  37. vinod says:

    How cam u get 2000 ??
    Also any trick to use same mail id / Mobile no again ??

  38. Nitin kumar singhal says:

    I got 2000 rupee

  39. Arpit says:

    Yeaahhh!! working fine.. got 500

  40. alok says:

    Got 500.. thanx

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