Free Rs. 60 PayTm Wallet Balance

Paytm_CB_Cash10• Applicable for only Add Money in PayTm Wallet.
• Cashback will be added to PayTm Wallet in 24 hours.
• PayTm Wallet can be used to Recharge, Pay Bills, Buy Products from 500+ Categories or Book Bus Tickets.

Rs. 20 off Promo Code: R0YHCMK8KUKG (can be used 3 times)

Wallet (Amount Rs. 20 > Promo Code > Add Money to Wallet)
Redeem PayTm Cash on PayTm Website

119 Responses to “Free Rs. 60 PayTm Wallet Balance”

  1. dolly says:

    Feeling lazzyy… paytm kuch Mr nhi rha h..

  2. himanshu says:

    Guys wait for 3 working days i have purchased 5 and it does not matter whether u have same email on paytm or nearbuy just keep the mobile number samee amd that’s it wait for 3 days and if u dont got cashbck ping paytm thru fb they will manually add it last time when this offer came i purchased 15 vouchers and got 15*49 so enjoy this deal

  3. bikash says:

    this offer has expired

  4. ravi says:

    @dolly…@payal…aaj bhi ready ho jao kya pata phir mauka mil jaye maze lene ka… :-)

  5. Manish says:

    Offer expire

  6. dolly says:

    Aaj raat me hi moka mile to accha h… kal chutti h to me aaram karungi ..raat bhar karungi to thak jaungi. ..???

  7. Ankit says:

    Plz help mujhe bhi koai btao ye offer kB aya air chla bhi gya kis side pe so hota hai…

  8. akg says:

    Dolly, keep checking savemoneyindia.. shayad kal fir se mauka mil jaye subah subah.. :P

  9. dolly says:

    Paytm bujhaye Asli pyaas… baaki sab bakwaas… @akg bhaiya

  10. Himanshu says:

    Thanks SMI I got it in 14 accounts 840? just wow for nothing made a bank reversal of 840 and with that ordered one plus one so now I can assume my one plus one to be 850 less than actual price haha. And buddy SMI full form is SAVE MONEY INDIA lol

  11. sameer says:

    please koi batao SMI ka full form sab ke sab smi ko thanks bolte hain

  12. akg says:

    lol @ dolly… :D

  13. dolly says:

    Maza to bahut aaya… kaaash paytm roj aisa hi de or me maze karu…

  14. gurjit thind says:

    RECEIVED 20×3 = 60 RUPEES

  15. Ashish says:

    Sahi hai.. subah subah karne ka alag mja hai @dolly and payal :-)

  16. Mail Server says:

    Offer Expired today morning.

  17. Payal says:

    Kitna maza aya ggg…@dolly

  18. DEV says:


  19. dolly says:

    Yr me to subah 4 baje hi uth gai thi … karne k liye…
    Maza a aa gya…

  20. Vicky singla says:

    Koi hor cupan h kea

  21. ubed says:

    i missed this offer…showing me offer expired… 6pm…25 jan

  22. ravi says:

    received in 5 of my acoounts…thankuSMI…

  23. Rk says:

    Got in 10 accounts, 30 times.

  24. mahinder kashyap says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  25. sameer says:

    morning me hi expired ho gya ab try mat karo

  26. Soni says:

    Morning se try kar raha hu every time this offer is expired…

  27. Piyush says:

    Got 40rs ???

  28. sameer says:

    cash back received in 21 account 21*60 =1260 rs great paytm thanks

  29. Vineet says:


  30. Deepak says:

    Done in 22 accounts… LoL

  31. Anu says:

    Got 480

  32. prakash says:

    Coupon tried today 7 am

    Lazy prateek

  33. prateek says:

    Bakwas, expired

  34. prakash says:

    180 received via 3 account… Thanx everyone

  35. simhadri says:

    Yes… I got each 60 cashback in 6 accounts. Think you… SMI

  36. Saurabh says:

    Offer expired show ho rha

  37. Vijaydhankar says:

    Done in 8 account recived 60 in one waiting for more

  38. jammy papa says:

    I also got 2 times in one account.

  39. nandhakumar says:

    not working,don’t waste your time

  40. xyz says:

    i just got 60 in two of my account. But what about other account?

  41. ARSHAD says:

    cashback credited to my ac 12.25pm
    tnx smi

  42. kumar says:

    redeemed the coupon at 8am. cashback not yet credited

  43. mahesh says:

    not working

  44. Rons says:

    Anybody got cash back in account?

  45. charan shresti says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  46. ravi says:

    sorry 4 all those guys who woke up late and couldn’t utilize this amazing offer… :-) thanks@SMI

  47. Prashant says:

    offer expired

  48. devi dayal says:

    paytm reply
    Hi , It’s a user specified code and has already been utilised. Hence, you’ll not be able to get the benefits of the code any more. Thanks!

  49. mohan says:

    Not working
    Massage shows offer expired
    Time kharab kiya
    App par invalid code or site par offer expired

  50. BJP says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired :(

  51. Praveen says:

    Offer expired

  52. rak says:

    offer expired

  53. ABC says:

    Showing, Sorry Offer Expired :(

  54. Dileep says:

    Offer expired…

  55. Bhavin says:

    offer exipred

  56. Sajet says:

    Not working, says offer has expired!

  57. Jn says:

    Offer expired

  58. Himanshu says:

    Yaar BA’s likha aagya ki credit hojaega but kya guarantee milega hi PayTM n fir s 100% sale jaise traffic bdane k lie kia hoga baadme dega hi nhi cb boldega error I think so what do u say guys

  59. Ankur says:

    Offer expired…

  60. Anonymous says:

    Not work

  61. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Waste. Sorry this offer has Expired…

  62. amit says:

    i am late showing offer expired

  63. Manish says:

    Showing expired

  64. sekhar says:

    it shows code experied

  65. Ved says:

    Its not working

  66. Anonymous says:

    Showing expired

  67. Rishi says:


  68. gajanan says:

    i think offer expired

  69. aNIKET says:

    not working
    Sorry, this offer has expired

  70. Rahul says:

    Is it expired??

  71. Amit says:

    It says…Sryy,the offer has expired

  72. dinesh says:

    Offer expried

  73. vinay says:


  74. Pankaj says:


  75. PSK says:

    offer expired… messed this offer..

  76. nitesh says:

    its showing “offer has expired”

  77. ankit says:

    sorry coupon expire

  78. Ankit says:

    Bkwas tm khrab and expired…

  79. jammy papa says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired. kisi k account me aaya free balance??

  80. XYZ says:

    coupon expired…

  81. mobin says:

    shows expired now

  82. Anand says:

    Redeemed 2 times now offer expired

  83. Shanky says:


  84. kakuashu says:

    This offer expiried

  85. Prem Prakash says:

    offer has been expired!!!

  86. Prabhat says:

    offer expired

  87. xxxx says:


  88. xxxx says:

    got in 10 accounts three times

  89. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, this offer has expired

  90. Surendra says:


  91. Anonymous says:

    Expire code

  92. ABC says:

    offer expired now.
    used it in 4 id’s.
    got 240 paytm cash for free.
    Thamks smi and paytm

  93. G d Airan says:

    Offer expired

  94. Rinku says:


  95. HBK says:

    its not working

  96. ravi says:

    expired…applied to 5 different accounts…hope they add the money..

  97. gagan says:

    i tried this code in another account but saying code expired. but used 3 times in 1 account.

  98. sameer says:

    Expired now

  99. sunil says:

    this offer has expired

  100. Anonymous says:


  101. RAHUL bhai says:

    Offer expired

  102. Anonymous says:

    this offer has expired

  103. Bulu.rock's says:

    This coupon accepted in paytm web site and paytm wallet app’s accept my coupon by 3time. Let’s see when it’s given me cash back…

  104. kishore says:

    In App 2 times and In Desktop site 3 times… njoy

  105. Murugappan says:

    coupon accepted by paytm. waiting for cashback to credit into my wallet

  106. Ali says:

    3 time done.waiting for cashback..

  107. gurjit thind says:

    Go to paytm website
    Add rupees 20 and apply coupon
    Coupon will be accepted and it will say ” money will be added in 24 hours”
    Coupon may be used 3 times

  108. jai says:

    Not work:::;

  109. Harish says:

    Try on Website… Works 3 times..

  110. Siddarth says:

    Coupon working. But only 2 times!! Now waiting for cash back

  111. Anonymous says:

    cant understand offer plz

  112. Alok says:

    Only two times accepted

  113. ris says:

    it’s working thnx smi

  114. kumar says:

    coupon accepted by paytm. waiting for cashback to credit into my wallet

  115. shakti says:

    wogos kuch bhi nahi ho rha

  116. Ashish says:

    It is working through paytm website…thanks SMI.

  117. Himanshu says:

    It is working…thanks SMI.

  118. siva says:

    Not working…don’t waste of time…

  119. Anonymous says:

    not working

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