Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – FastTicket


• The offer is valid between 12PM to 4PM on 3rd October 2014 only.
• The offer is valid for New customer Sign up on Fastticket Mobile App.
• Flat Rs. 50 off is applicable to any services active on Fastticket Mobile App.

Rs. 50 off Promo Code: FREE50 (Payment Option > FastTicket Wallet)

Download: FastTicket App | Terms & Conditions

107 Responses to “Free Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge – FastTicket”

  1. Tanmay says:

    yes tinku ji… you are absolutely right…

  2. tinku meena says:

    bhai logo everyone got baba ji ka thullu, m i right. reply.

  3. sk says:

    Its totally fake….

  4. Baba says:

    Baba ji ka thullu,supar fake

  5. Kalyanvshetty says:

    very very bad app

  6. R A K H I says:

    It’s fake

  7. Arun Maurya says:

    Fully faltu
    Wasted my 100 rupess
    M calling customer care too
    but not getting money back

  8. Gags says:

    Bakwaas app…not able to even register…it says your connection is slow,…bloody i’m using an Airtel 4 mbps speed.

  9. yogesh says:

    first you read about offer because I am receive recharge

  10. Anonymous says:

    pls not waste the time of guys…SMI NEEDS TO CHECK BEORE TO UPDATE

  11. mAHESH says:


  12. RIZWAN says:

    Full Waste of time

  13. sk says:

    fastticket ko naam badal ke slowticket kar lena chahiye…

  14. sri says:

    Got irritated like anything.. total waste of time

    going to place the comments in the mobile app as worst

  15. PB says:

    where the apply promo code?

  16. sunitha says:

    Only competitors are paytm nd freecharge apps remaining all app like mobiwiki, fasrticket r just cloud passers

  17. yogesh says:

    got it

  18. mayank says:

    Slowest app ever used
    Totally fake…
    Freecharge is best!!

  19. Rakesh says:

    recharge 2 no. and profit of 2×50

  20. nilesh says:

    completely fake

  21. rahul says:

    Isse zyada frod app nhi dekhi

  22. RJ Rohit says:

    dosto playstore pr is app is image kharab ho gyi h …. sb ne 1star de k or comment kr k acha kia .. . customer ko fool bnaogey to asa hi hoga ….
    R.I.P fast ticket.

  23. SAI KISHOR says:

    Yes, u were correct @derpak darling

  24. don says:

    Ghante ka fastticket….itna slow chal raha hai…farzi hai

  25. kamlesh says:

    bakwas waste of tmie

  26. derpak darling says:

    very slow app.
    bad experience.

    there are much better apps available in playstore.

  27. derpak darling says:

    guys give them one star in playstore for their fake offers

  28. anmol says:

    recharge successful :)
    thanks fastticket and smi

  29. papa says:

    …gatiya app…gatiya sservic..

  30. sai kishor says:

    Offer has reached max redemptions
    I was wexed

  31. vamsi says:

    not ro launch any offers if servers are not capable of huge traffic. …if they launched it refelects on the site feature

  32. prabu says:

    servers response from apps…worst site

  33. Anonymous says:

    Idiots… Wasted my time…

  34. Rahul says:

    Full on Fudduu…

  35. Shubham singh says:

    hai … nhi milo rha koi balance…

  36. risabh says:

    Paytm aur freecharge ke alawa sab bakwas, 1 ghante me signup hua ab service unavailable bata rha he, bakwas

  37. KP says:

    i got mail success recharge Rs.50/-

  38. RJ Rohit says:

    agar capacity ni h fastticket ki to offer kyu de re h … 12s 4 pm. … paytm & Freecharge offers z best.

  39. abc says:

    bakvas site h ye
    no recharge avilable….

  40. aditya says:

    after appying promo code….its saying…” sorry promo code has exceeded the limit…” ….such a fake site……

  41. anshul says:

    site got crashed

  42. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    Coupon working at 12:50 but now the recharge tab shows service unavailable

  43. lauda says:

    bull$*! signup option and no response on logging through facebook.
    slow response keeps on retriving information on using recharge option.
    totally fake app .

  44. Manish says:

    sign up with facbook or with gmail…any one can tell..

  45. neha says:

    Signup karna hai…but the coupon is expired now…from 12 – 12.37…. M the lucky one …got the offer.

  46. ankita says:

    Fake offer
    Bhumi is correct just collecting database

  47. Devender says:

    got 5 X 50……….this offer got expired on 12:37 but this was supposed to end @4

  48. Avinash says:

    signup option to mujhe dikh ni rha ,kaise signup krna hai ?

  49. rahul says:

    Done two times rc and now over Saying 12:00 pm to 12:37 pm

  50. shravan says:


  51. shaik` says:

    fake i did not get

  52. pankaj says:

    proceed with recharge by clicking next and then choose payment as “fastticket wallet” there you will have the option to enter CODE. and enjoy your recharge.

  53. bhupi says:

    shitty app..keeps saying your internet may be slow or server down

  54. Vidya says:

    bana raha hai dont waste ur time friends

  55. neo says:

    not taking input.
    fake offer n app

  56. tinku meena says:

    app not responding. big fake offer by fastticket. friends give him 1 rating on Google play.

  57. Manish says:

    Can u plz tell the steps to get 50rs…

  58. RJ Rohit says:

    login fb s krna h ya signup krna h ..?? plz advice

  59. neha says:

    fake site….i didnt get any money

  60. RJ Rohit says:

    referral code m kya dalna h …. plz advice ..

  61. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    Pankaj kaha lagau coupon

  62. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    Katha Laguna hai coupon

  63. pankaj says:

    Got 50 rs recharge
    Thank you

  64. Raghu says:

    There is no option to enter promo code in app. Wasting time….

  65. Kishore says:

    If they cheat is just go to play store and give one star rating

  66. rakesh says:


  67. Anonymous says:

    option nai aa raha hai coupon dalne ka bhai log batao na step by step plzz

  68. Dryblood says:

    very bad offer.. not work

  69. kiku says:

    No option to enter the coupon code on App…….what to do now????

  70. ram says:

    fake offer… they are scam.. getting us to signup … waste of time

  71. manish says:

    No option to enter the coupon code on App…….what to do now????SMI

  72. Arun says:

    Faltu Offer Only Valid new customers. Old customers ko kucha nahe milaga so use no. 1 app Paytm

  73. xyz says:

    this item is not available ib country…..anyobe plz help

  74. nitish says:

    unlimited rrcharge wohoooo.. 10+10+10+10…

  75. ankit says:

    @prince .. ohh its for 15 aug.

  76. Suresh Ram says:

    I got 10 rs..only….
    Farg hai…

  77. Pranay Sinha says:

    Registered and got Rs.67….Thanks SMI…Good offer…

  78. Sanket says:

    I got 10 rs. only….

    I called their customer care number n they told that within first half n hr, 680 users r over…

    After 680 users they gave 10 rs. but now this 10 rs is also not coming in new account creation.

  79. Rohan says:

    I got 67 rs.

  80. Yash Kedia says:

    Dint get any balance. Can anyone pls explain me the procedure. After signing up what I have to do?

  81. sumit says:

    this item isn’t available in ur country ?? :/

  82. SAI KISHOR says:

    Ya here many of my friends got Rs.10/- only
    why is it so?????

  83. dude says:

    I got just 10rs

  84. SAI KISHOR says:

    got Rs. 67/- thanks a lot

  85. pika says:

    recharge done smoothly… :)

  86. danish says:

    Got rs 67/- tnxx

  87. rohit says:

    got only 10 rs.. i think there 680 members are over

  88. Shreyans says:


    And Still Doing In Many Accounts
    Thnx SMI And Fast Ticket

  89. raj says:

    FASTAPP10 use this coupon and make recharge (?67+10) off
    >recharge>Pay Now >FASTTICKET Wallet >use code FASTAPP10.

  90. amit says:

    hw to register plz say in commnet brother

  91. nitish says:

    No registration option in app. Can register through site?

  92. Hari says:

    can u tell me where is sign up option in app

  93. kurra says:

    got 67/- for one acc.

  94. sree says:


  95. shubham says:

    got 67 rs on 2 accounts…thanx :)

  96. sam says:

    now only rs 10

  97. sam says:

    thanks received instantly.

  98. anshul says:

    got 67 rupees in wallet .great commitment

  99. DEEPAK says:


  100. nitin says:

    Got 67 rs.. thnks..:)

  101. Hari says:

    I cant Find the Sign up Window..
    Fake offer..without signup how can we register ..

  102. abc says:

    Fake offer.

  103. anshul says:

    likha to h saaf saaf ki 22 august tak milega

  104. sagar says:

    There is no option for registration. How can I register.?

  105. Prince says:

    This offer is still not activated . First 680 Members will get benefits registered on 15.08.2014 Only.

  106. Prince says:

    @ Ankit : Read carefully before availing any offer dear !

  107. ankit says:

    fake.. i didnot got any recharge amount. totally bogus…..

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