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trynbuyindiaTrynbuyIndia is offering Free Samples. You can only order samples from 5 categories you choose during sign up.

Samples: Pepsodent Expert Pro-sensitive Relief & Repair Toothpaste (Category: Oral Care) | Kama Sutra Skyn Condoms (Category: Personal Care)

Website: TrynbuyIndia

68 Responses to “TrynbuyIndia Free Samples”

  1. Metal Thrasher says:

    Trynbuy is awesome, got like 20 samples already. Thanks SMI for update!!

  2. RONAK says:

    try & Buy is totally fake site……not on trust guys.

  3. parth says:

    WTF is this The product “Skyn Condoms” is only available for your state and city……
    explain it

  4. vab says:

    The product “Skyn Condoms” is only available for your state and city…….
    what the hell is this

  5. Varun K says:

    The Try n buy people said they will said a suit length in sample, some order few and some even ordered 8 samples, but at the end of the day what we got was baba jee ka thullu… a 10*10 CM sample cloth…………hahaha

  6. shub says:

    received 15 face wash…….working

  7. Shabbir Moulvi says:

    bakwas, making people fool…….

  8. Amit says:

    A big waste of time…. even after registration & activation, Login is not working.

    Bull Shit!!!

  9. balaji says:

    @cherry.. even my experience is the same.. waste of time to login in trynbuy

  10. cherry says:

    what is this,all are out of stock,then y are u posting here,every time they will be out of stock when i try!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. G D Airan says:

    product not being added to the cart

  12. Trynbuy India says:

    Dear Shweta,

    Thanks providing the information on duplicate orders which you have placed. We have deactivated your duplicate accounts and we have set a mechanism at the back-end to identify and cancel duplicate orders.

    Moving forward I hope you will not violate the company policy while shopping with us.

    Happy Trying !!

  13. s says:

    i received but it is just a small piece of cloth.

  14. gopal says:

    Any one receive product ?

  15. shweta says:

    varun K last time i order 29 Huggies sample and i got all samples.yeeeeeee

  16. Varun K says:

    Vabnish – you are not late – you are very late – one just placed 8 orders, considering that I guess it was out of stock within couple of hours.

  17. vabnish says:

    out of stock i am late

  18. Varun K says:

    Shweta — You ordered 8, are you kidding ? planning to open a shop or something, hahaha

  19. iShopfree says:

    These sites are good, sometime ago I got samples from Johnson & Johnson for baby products lately launched in india, i used those and bought upon using samples. But then read in TOI that Johnson & Johnson in 2007/2008 used indians as guinea pig !!!

  20. Robin singh says:

    no it is not fake before i receive a three samples from this site and now i ordered two

  21. shweta says:

    i order 8

  22. Anonymous says:

    i order 3

  23. sachin gupta says:

    I received the sample.


  24. Sandeep says:

    I got Huggies sample today, thank you SMI

  25. vaibhav aggarwal says:

    i want this sample

  26. Anuraj says:

    i got the samples but it wasnt worth paying for. The free samples sometimes dont even cover the cost of shipping. DO NOT BUY!

  27. SUNIL says:

    Its fake.. They are only collecting the data that’s it. They will never send any samples..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Its a fake sight

  29. Anonymous says:

    bakwas site hai…

  30. GOPAL says:


  31. Rahul says:

    looks fake….. book pentene shampoo 1 months back but still not got…… fake fake & fake….

  32. clash of clans says:

    any sample available other than huggies?????

  33. clash of clans says:

    i got my tropicana sample yesterday

  34. Trynbuy India says:

    Dear friends,
    Thank you for your patronage….we truly appreciate it!
    Happy TRYing!

  35. kannu says:

    heyyyya “-) i received my first free sample

  36. kannu says:

    OMG at last they revert me….n saying my issues will be resolved soon……….haaaaaa…. i think it’s not that bad experience as it can be…………….

    now i must say friends they are GENUINE… :)))

  37. sameer says:

    it is a fake site..
    sorry pl. donot waste time over it.

  38. kannu says:

    On 07.03.2013. i register myself with your website and paid 150/- and subscribed myself for try box and also tropicana sample but what i’m founding now that i’m unable to login my account with same email id .
    My account has been credited with amount of 150/- and i’ve a received message also,
    i’m worried that i,ve been cheated by this website

    please SMI don’t give such ads on your website…it results endless discomfort to your followers


  39. Raj says:

    Useless and time waste

  40. shrish says:

    not working….:-(

  41. kartik says:

    its totally fake… i have ordered 1 since 5 months ago. but still not received the order

  42. Rahul says:

    I ordered 1 month back but still i cannot get my free product….

    yes its totally fake… Just Timepass, No one got anything….

  43. Shubhi says:


  44. Aalia Danish says:

    not working ……

  45. GANESH says:

    Now they added two more products HORLICKS, & SURF EXCEL ….Enjoy guys..whoever open account……..Now totally 4 different products available for to TRY….

  46. GANESH says:

    COLGATE MAX FRESH, KISSAN JAM now they are offering free samples….Who ever want try to order..My order is successfully…Wait and see the shipment and receiving…

  47. Ruchir says:

    But trynbuy is welcome at an amazing brilliantly managed site and community where people are sharing their experience to help each other and not for some points to redeem for something I don’t exactly know.And without Logins no rubbish comment unlike many needing Logins and never visited therefore.And accepting criticisms where not wrong.Not many accepting criticisms even when just.
    Maybe more guidance needed but there are no black and white,so difficult and not guaranteed.So, perfect site all in all.

  48. GANESH says:

    BRU COFFEE offer also no more existing…hmmmm…

  49. Trynbuy India says:

    Dear Friends,

    Due to unprecedented demand, today’s lot of samples have been exhausted. We are currently not taking orders on our website We will be back with new TRY’s tomorrow….do log in and Happy TRYing!!


  50. GANESH says:

    BRU COFFEE available me ordered my samples ….select beverage and food category …those eligible for to get this free sample offer…

  51. sushil says:

    yes, still no product …it seems fake

  52. Amulya says:

    No Samples available after creating an account.

  53. Ruchir says:

    No product from 10 main categories.Gimmick.Maybe 2-3 which may or may not reach finally.

  54. Bako says:

    it’s not working…… I have created a/c but how to get free sample??????????

  55. Man says:

    Logo ko ullu bana rhe h saale………..5-10 sample piece baantkar mazey loot rhe h haramkhor

  56. GANESH says:

    Just registered and i open there…No product to select all empty…Hmmmm totaly time waste…

  57. Anonymous says:

    no product. just fooling

  58. LAVISH says:

    no products avilable ..bakwas

  59. LAVISH says:

    i clicked on try boost..but after that..i am in tha same to go ahead

  60. Lalit Singhal says:

    bilkul bakwas site
    Not available anything

  61. Fukka says:

    First u need to register then activate acc 4m d link sent 2 ur email then appply for free sample. Only Boost is available and site is too slow.

  62. LAVISH says:

    how to get free samples.i hv loged in…nw wat to do..smi do reply

  63. Anonymous says:

    Only boost is available.

  64. mickey says:


  65. GOPINATHKN says:

    Website is very slow, Only Boost is available Vaseline not available

  66. Rajesh Sama says:

    Completed registration but Login is not working. Only Boost sample is availble.

  67. Naitik says:

    Not working………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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