Free Sesa Hair Care Samples

sesaBan Labs is offering Free Sesa Hair Care Samples.

Offer: Free Sesa Hair Care Samples

9 Responses to “Free Sesa Hair Care Samples”

  1. Gv says:

    Farzi he

  2. maan says:


  3. vidya says:

    plz send me free sample

  4. sameer says:

    This advt comes again and again after some days and In Reality they never ever sent any sample to anyone— Just a Fraud

  5. patel says:

    ye log du bante hai aur app sab bante ho free ke name bhi apaka details unke pass jata hai
    dnt do it again now

  6. Anita says:

    I also didn’t get the sample yet, God knows when will they send them

  7. Ruchir says:

    If its value is Rs 1,it is just a joke and just a trap.Ordered 4 by selecting 4 one by one since 4 different products all available for free.Even after 4 diff products,treasury will grow by Rs 4!

  8. ROOH ULLAH KHAN says:


  9. aashish says:

    bekar , ford , its nothing but create a database and send over information just 1rs…

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