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topsoftbargains• Norton Antivirus 2014
• EZTalks Premium 2.2 – 10 Annual Plan
• MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7
• Soft Organizer 4.12
• Avast Internet Security 2015

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5 Responses to “Free Softwares – TopSoftBargains”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Our SMI moderators are not that geeky,generally some sites prefer direct visit to certain category etc but directly launching that will not lead to anything.So even if we after visit and click giveaway that will work but…Many reasons but no use here.
    Whenever similar issues —try directly and issue solved.This is not or sharekhan where u will get purturbed after visiting homepage messy..
    SA not a good app,10 others are but if I suggest it may be improper.
    2 For corporations etc ,single user and it is a crap.Many better free ones but not my place.
    3-Minitool will unerase but will not recover corrupt data.Although shareware.I am using Seagate one made 10-15 years ago but still better than best sharewares.Free 98% won’t recover corrupted data or when it is not getting detected at all,no HDD space visible etc.
    4-Norton is 1-old and 2nd free if u have facebook.Search for facebook free security app and there are 6 or more.You will remember and when FB gets new vendors and updates,visit fb security app page.Search in google and if u get in 1 go,you are intelligent.Then u will be able to use it fully.6m it is,so plan…
    5.AIS is also 6 month and after install it will show 6 m trial.Same thing.
    7 6m not good for main PC.I hv recently got 1 yr Avast Pro key that IMHO makes sense rather 6m IS.
    8-Avast Premier is best but never gaway…AIS firewall is pathetic as all IS.The best one is also free as IMO is Private Firewall,second is Comodo,Zone Alarm and then online armor.Comodo is perfect but it is for experts.It can cause havoc also.ZA and PF looks simple and best contenders for ABC user.

  2. Vishal Arora says:

    Link not working. Making fools to others

  3. Naddy says:

    Just click on the link open the site click on download register with new id than on check out screen click on download here

  4. amanpreet says:

    how to download from here??

  5. kanna says:

    link not working

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