Free Sweetheart Perfume Gel, Blue Heaven Lip Balm & Kokila Mehndi

Sweetheart is a modern oriental floral fragrance that touches the spirit of today’s young, romantic woman.The perfume gels are a completely new product, which fills the gap in the market for non flame-able, leak proof perfumes. The perfume gels are easy to carry and will not spill into your bags while travelling.

Note: Sample available only for female users.

Free Offer: Sweetheart Perfume Gel | Blue Heaven Lip Balm | Kokila Mehndi

11 Responses to “Free Sweetheart Perfume Gel, Blue Heaven Lip Balm & Kokila Mehndi”

  1. satya says:

    How to order this? Kindly help me on this…

  2. handloomwala says:

    Samples are rejected due to certain reason For example-This sample is for ladies so unless your S AND T PROFILE SAY YOURRE FEMALE THEYLL CANCEL YOUR REQUEST I RECEIVED HAIR DYE FROM THEM SUCCESSFULY

  3. Ruchir says:

    Certainly not related with SMI recommendations.So if any fault,NOT SMI mistake.Will be foolish to blame SMI,although we can do that.
    Also,plz apply your mind.Sample and Try is not manufacturing anything.Quantity depends upon manufacturer.SAT can only accept only some depending upon so many criteria.It is not going to eat those samples.Some will get frustrated,some will get it I assume.That is the game.It is not rejecting you.Maybe they want to prefer new customers and bring it on their net.Or oblige honest ones.That is fair.
    If nobody gets it,then it is fake.Otherwise some problem with luck or intelligence.

  4. GANESH says:

    Any body here ordered and accepted it..Please post here experience… some of them posted their order also rejected…hmmm…. Last time when i order hair coloring kit..its accepted and they delivered me…This time my order rejected …

  5. GANESH says:

    Yesterday Morning i order that site, But evening when i seen they rejected it…I dont know the exact reason why they canceled my order….. …..

  6. Amulya says:

    I am unable to order any samples in Sample&Try site.

  7. Sunny says:

    Fake site.Just collects your dat. It never sent me any Sample still it says dispatched since last 1month and does not allow next Sample.

  8. rakesh says:

    its says its for females..!!!! >is that right..?

  9. Santhosh Jain says:

    Fake Save money India as always. Save money India is big cheaters always give wrong information for publicity money and more. I hate you SMI

  10. suresh says:

    its fake, my and friend’s ordered sample has been rejected..

  11. Ruchir says:

    Superb.This is probably the only REAL free sample site.Made for that purpose.Most others fake.Less the giants like ITC etc who gave Vivel,Nestle gave soup. HUL,P&G were honest too.Only real biggies.

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