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We have lots of surprises & discounts coming up for first 500 registrants when we launch!

Offer: XnY (free gift is t-shirt)

16 Responses to “Free T-Shirt”

  1. vinay says:

    QUESTION TO ADMIN – i had reorder the sample from the product (not this product) was dispatched but it said product would reach after 2 ,3 days BUT I HAD REORDERED IT BY MISTAKE NOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ????

  2. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Company pays.

  3. vinay says:

    plz tell me who pays shipping charge in foreign sample

  4. Anonymous says:

    Never try.This is saying email already exists.
    Time waste

  5. akhlaq malik says:

    v nice

  6. Rajesh says:

    Chandigarh, the city beautiful, with nearly highest per capita income is not included among Indian cities.

  7. sri says:

    registered. will update if i get one

  8. Ruchir says:

    Registration Successful
    (Info Regarding Your Free T-Shirt has been sent to your email)
    Genuine so far.As for already,it looks you are using cyber cafe/office PC/proxy/VPN etc.
    Google landed its mail in SPAM but it reads good and after call,I expect free shirt to be spent.Should be optimistic if no reason to suspect.

  9. Sunny GRewal says:

    it was easy as one two three

  10. Aamir says:

    Just log in ur already regestered with it.

  11. Nitu viluo says:

    Showing an error “Email ID already exists”.

  12. Zubair Masudi says:

    But I got it confirmed, it works! Lets see if we get the T…:)

  13. varun kapila says:


  14. Shivam Mehra says:

    Its showing already registered but we’re able to login using same id

  15. Lalit says:

    Not getting registered, Showing an error “Email ID already exists”.


    What to do??

  16. abdul says:

    dnt try fr this,this is shit,,,,if u giv mail id ,is sayng already resgisterd

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