Free Tropicana Fruit Powders

Tropicana Fruit Powders that contain real fruit juice with no added preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours. This new revolutionary product is the first ever for Tropicana worldwide and builds on the strong equity of the brand in India.

Offer: Free Tropicana Fruit Powders

12 Responses to “Free Tropicana Fruit Powders”

  1. Lingesh says:


  2. ravinder.tanwar says:

    pls send the free gift. We have purchased three item but at this time received one item. pls send two item quickly.

  3. Pratick says:


  4. Ruchir says:

    Same here.I ordered two books,let us and got a mail with 2 diff order no..If even then,they don’t send it,what will happen even after we order real useful sample like Tropicana and many other great offers working as a showpiece.

  5. gv says:

    yes really fake

  6. SUNIL says:

    Its a fake site. Its not working. They are only collecting the database.

  7. asha says:

    this sempal good sistem.

  8. sanjiv says:

    yeh ullu banane ka accha tareeka nikla rakha site walo ne. jab account create karke i try par click karo to alredy tried likha aata. donot waste ur time. savemoney india plz donot post like this cheap sites

  9. SMI-fan says:

    Something wrong :(

  10. rohit says:

    yes i tried several time n pahle b ye aise hi krte hai..wastage of time

  11. djmady says:

    its a fake site… don’t enter… when u click try it asks for create account, after creating account it says already TRIED….!!!!!

  12. anil gupta says:

    nahi dae raha what fake site

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