Free Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose Sample

wipro-sweetnhealthyWipro is offering Free Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose Sample. Features made from natural sugar giving you the sweetness you are used to, without the extra calories.

Offer: Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose Sample (missed call to 022-33598545 or register)

11 Responses to “Free Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose Sample”

  1. Wipro SnH Agency says:

    Missed calls made to the number will be called back within a week.

    Offer valid only in Mumbai and to the first 5000 callers.

  2. kalpesh Patel says:

    good to health

  3. Mukesh Ranka's says:

    Miss call given but no reply…Itz fake

  4. rahul kashyap says:

    yr missed cl k bd shipping address kha fill krna hai. no procedure given .kaise bhejege who if they dnt have shipping address

  5. Vinay T says:

    Sucralose is bad for health. Sucralose is manufactured by passing Acid over sugar and its easy to manufacture. Hence FDA guys passed it without testing it much. get Stevia instead.

  6. Mehul Shah says:

    Miss call given but no reply.

  7. abc says:

    yr missed cl k bd shipping address kha fill krna h pls help..

  8. G D AIRAN says:


  9. s says:

    rcvd. the sample after 2 months (ordered it in nov. 2012)!! so it’s not a fake!

  10. Karan says:

    i received it today cheers and thanx

  11. Akshay says:

    just a drama.didn’t receive it even after a month has passed.

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