Fundtastic Cup Win Rs. 100 FreeCharge Voucher & More – Franklin Templeton

fundstatic-cupPlay, score and win exciting prizes in India’s one of a kind game on investments and Mutual Funds.

Website: Fundtastic Cup

52 Responses to “Fundtastic Cup Win Rs. 100 FreeCharge Voucher & More – Franklin Templeton”

  1. ROHAN says:


  2. Rajat says:

    i have got the coffey cup and a chit pad.

  3. pk- india says:

    Got Lumia 525..hurray.

  4. aayush says:

    Got a golf kit

  5. sandeep matwa says:

    Fundtastic cup jaise or koi game ho to btayen please

  6. aryan says:

    Its 15 days gone.. still not received any voucher. Wrost app.

  7. kiran says:

    I have not
    received the chit pad

  8. ojas says:

    Yups tanmay u will get.

  9. Tanmay says:

    Can i get if i am registering for the first time today???..

    Can i avail d offer now??

  10. akshay says:

    got it

  11. batman says:

    Got coupon after 15 days

  12. aayush says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Guys any one facing problem in registration all time says DB ERROR .

  14. AAYUSH says:

    Thanks aj

  15. aj says:

    @ayush yupp
    U have to sign up from another email

  16. AAYUSH says:

    @aj u got another voucher in same device

  17. chandra says:

    I got the voucher today, thanks Franklin Templeton and SMI.

  18. aj says:

    I got another voucher today from one diffrent id

  19. ajay says:

    I also got it today…

  20. Saurabh says:

    Received the voucher after dropping them a mail.

  21. AAYUSH says:

    Yippee got 100rs recharge,

  22. ojas says:

    @dipu I also got.

  23. SK says:

    i also got it today…

  24. batman says:

    Got today

  25. Dipika says:

    I got the voucher today

  26. ojas says:

    I also get same mail that we are working on ur query

  27. Dipika says:

    @ojas…I got the same mail..and after that one more mail I have received stating that…we are working on your query

  28. ojas says:

    @dipika .. I sent mail them n their auto-reply mail said that we will reply u in nxt 3 days.
    @sk.. I got same reply before 10 days.

  29. SK says:

    i mail them & they replied…

    Congratulations on crossing the 9,000 runs at the Fundtastic Cup.

    We are in the process of sending the vouchers to participants who have crossed 5,000 runs milestone. You will receive yours soon.

    Do write back to us in case of further queries.

    Continue playing the game here:, score runs and stand a chance to win many more prizes.

    Yours faithfully,
    Franklin Templeton Investments

  30. Dipika says:

    @ojas… have you written to them…they replied or not?

  31. ojas says:
    Sent mail n tell about that.

  32. shonali says:

    admin wat is dis…its been 23 days since completed 5000 runs… Is dis fraud or wat

  33. ojas says:

    We cn do one thing.. This game is by franklin templeton mutual fund.
    So we can frequently call them n ask about our prize.

  34. Chandra Mohan says:

    I did get recharge coupon still now even after 10 days

  35. ojas says:

    Same here . i made another acc. but still i didnt get coupon.

  36. Bobby says:

    I had scored 12315 runs on 29 november. Till now i didn’t received any freecharge coupon

  37. ojas says:

    Same here deepika. Also i didn’t get any reply.

  38. aj says:

    After 1 week… I got the freecharge discount voucher of rs 100 today…

  39. Dipika says:

    they are not replying on email id…

  40. ojas says:

    I got mail from that i won premium gift n it is cup =D

  41. ojas says:

    Check its website.

  42. Dipika says:

    what is their email id?

  43. ojas says:

    If u didnt get vouchers then mail them. Usually they sent code after 7 days of achieving particular score.

  44. sidhart says:

    I did not get freecharge voucher. I complete the offer score 6 days ago.
    Can anybody tell me if they received the recharge voucher.
    How long should should i wait??

  45. aj says:

    I only got foodPanda vouchers… hope get freecharge vouchers too and other gift hampers… i scored more than 25000 today

  46. AAYUSH says:

    Can anybody tell me expiring date of this offer

  47. Ojas lakhani says:

    Its discount code.
    @dipika.. Wait for a week. After u will get a code in mail(promotion box)

  48. Dipika says:

    I don’t get any coupon code. I have scored more than 5000. Is anyone know the complete process?

  49. nk says:

    But it is cash back code or discount code

  50. pk says:

    yes . i got 100 recharge.

    you will get a coupon code . simply go yo freecharge website & redeem it.

  51. Ojas says:

    Did anyone get coupon..?
    I finished 5000 points as require for coupon but I didn’t get anything.

  52. sumit says:

    what to do for recharge?

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