Free Gas Clothing & Accessories for 30 Seconds Rush and Win 13th November

gas-freeOn 13th of November 2014 at 3:30PM Gas will be free for 30 seconds. Register and find out how to win your favorite Gas item.

Offer: Gas Free for 30 Seconds Rush and Win | How to Win?

83 Responses to “Free Gas Clothing & Accessories for 30 Seconds Rush and Win 13th November”

  1. rajesh says:

    Bakwaas chu bananey ka dhandha khola hai gas 30% ka voucher bhej dia mail se Jabong already utna disc all 12 month hota hai chalo accha hair pata chala ke yeah bhi chalu brand hai

  2. Swapnil says:

    @Akshay : LAMO

  3. Akshay says:

    @ Dushyant kumar: Didn’t u get all the store for free.
    everybody knows it dude.
    Nobody got ntng.So pls don’t brag abt it.

  4. Dushyant kumar says:

    Got 3 jackets and 2 jeans in 20 seconds

  5. Deepak says:

    Good digital idea but if you’re going to cheat people, beware! The backlash will be better than all your ideas. Openly cheating people online is not going to help brand GAS. Apologise to people and better not attempt pathetic crap like that again.

  6. AJ says:

    tried 3 items all out of stock.. its brand like this and ur dng this.. wyaak

  7. Rocky says:

    Super deal.. I got underwear worth Rs.800 in free,… as expected i got this only in 2 sec. :D :D :D

  8. yo yo honey says:

    I got 3 belts ,1 jacket, 2 jeans worth rs . about 44000,
    good deals yippee.

  9. arman says:

    Its shown out of stock

  10. Nikhil says:

    Tried on 6 products all out of stock
    Totally fake like flipkRt ???

  11. Shiva says:

    They just left ‘GAS’ and ran away

  12. kunal says:

    yeah,i got leather jacket worth 15000
    superb promotion

  13. Mann says:

    May be they just wanted to see the peak traffic in India .cheap gas. gas to akhir gas hi hai.

  14. Prabhakar says:

    Out of stock

  15. Sandy says:

    Bakwasss what the hell they wanted to show…
    this should be baned
    wasted my time … is the GAS must only b used for two things cook & Faaattt…

  16. satyajit says:

    if u r a brand like “gas” n doing such cheap thngs thn wht othrs will do…
    shame shame…

  17. Reddy says:

    Waste of Time .. Clicked on 4 items .. Everything Out Of stock !

  18. ajk says:


  19. Abhishek says:

    ye GAS vale bhe lagta Flipkart ke path pe chal rahe hai, 2 seconds main OUT of STOCK..!!!

  20. Jp says:

    Tried in 12 Seconds Out of Stock .No one Got anything Super fake fraud promotion

  21. Sunil Takkar says:

    Esse accha to mai kele kha leta

  22. Anonymous says:

    It is for awareness of GAS products. We will give you discount coupons in email. Please keep checking.

  23. naani says:

    Fake deal ..! GAS is thrown gas deal to people of India.. GAS image gone Down.

  24. Sunny Adlakha says:

    Only dramabazi…. oll d products are out of stock. They are fake, never go for gas products. Shameful …

  25. roushan says:

    Making fool al of us

  26. Sudhakar says:

    Tried 3 items all selected and after that at checkout time it showed out of stock. It was fake! Fake!

  27. shubham says:

    Fake maha fargi..

  28. Ankit says:

    Its fake.

  29. sunil says:

    OUt of Stock

  30. Harish says:

    Out Of stock waste of time ..

  31. sohail says:


    Out of stock in 4 sec…

    Rubbish offer…

  32. Failmn says:

    really cheated…

  33. tinku meena says:

    Oh my god.every product is out of stock when offer

  34. Goutam says:

    Guys this website fooled every one.

    Since with in 2 sec all products are out of stock :(

  35. Sunil says:

    30 sec to pata bhi nahi chale…everythings out of stock

  36. Vinay Bansal says:

    Out of Stock!!! Inspired by and

    Shameful Events!!!

  37. KHEMANI RAHUL says:

    You will receive surprise it says..
    Even i was faster and chose the size and cheched out…
    Fake Deal…

  38. Aby says:

    What a looser this Gas is, I tried two products in 30 seconds and both said no stock.. why are you cheating people on your anniversary… better to do something else good for charity or orphans.. you are a looser Gas..

  39. MUKHESH says:

    fake offer
    all items are out of stock
    with in 1 sec
    time waste no use

  40. Anonymous says:

    dont cheat people with these rubbish offers..

  41. meena says:

    I clicked on 2 jeans and each one of them was out of stock!!!
    total wastage

  42. Failmn says:

    wasted my time, It showing out of stock for almost all product

  43. Black says:

    FYI, i checked with a 100MBPS connection but still every item i clicked said “out of stock”. Finaly it said something that you will receive a surprise in next 48 hours.

    Bull Shit and waste of time!! Fake Fake Fake!!

  44. Shruthi says:

    wasted time.OUt of stock,some one else has already bought this message.WOrst site.Avoiding this in future as well

  45. Sumanta Das says:

    i have tried successfully with training mode and when the actual deal starts it says out of stock in two jenas.didn’t confirm the order.

  46. venkat says:

    dont able to beleive… brought one jeans of 7490/- for free… have to see whats they are going to do next. Got a message ‘U will see a surprise in inbox next 48 hours’.

  47. nikhil says:

    fake not even completed 30 sec

  48. Sarthak says:

    I tried but failed…totally fake…did anyone got this deal???

  49. raj says:

    before vent it shows in stock.. but during event it shows out of stock…cheating customers

  50. sippy says:

    Jaaa Bey, GAS ne bekar ki GAS bana rakhi the…
    ITEM OUT OF STOCK, 30 seconds me out of stock he dikhana tha.. :P
    jo jacket chaiye the vo to dikhi he nai buy krne k time p…
    nikal gayi sari GAS>> :P

  51. pegs says:

    Make fool of Indians . Actually this is what every e commerce site does . No product size available. No regulation over them

  52. Deepanker says:

    Making fool

  53. Chaitanya says:

    out of stock

  54. Tinu says:

    cheaters… everything was out of stock…

    and said they will send some consolation coupons

  55. Akshay says:

    Anyone got anything :P or just the error msg that some1 else was faster than u.

  56. vishnu says:

    WASTE…out of stock

  57. Gagandeep singh says:

    Tried thee times but all theproducts were out of stock

  58. Jay says:

    Anyone got success?

  59. Mahesh says:

    bana raha he all size out of stock..

  60. sam says:

    wtf!!! i selected 3 items randomly all of them out of stock…Just a hype created by Gas…seriously it was a GAS deal…:-X

  61. Anonymous says:

    Just opened the product and out of stock… super sale…

  62. varun kapila says:

    deal is over

  63. Black says:

    No use. Fake

  64. akshay says:

    everything..out of stock… tried 3 items

  65. MAK says:

    Dead Link
    Waste of time…

  66. Mayur says:

    site abhise mari padi hai… very slow… try to check their collection after failed checkout in Training session.. ;)

  67. shamon ks says:

    it will definite work because…in training section iam able to complete CHECKOUT with in 6 SECONDS….then whats the problem with 30 SECONDS

  68. Blackout says:

    try this fake deal if and only if you have 100MBps internet connection because in 30 sec no one able to complete checkout.we are human not super human.

  69. h says:

    yeh open ni hua abhi

  70. ASHWIN BHASIN says:

    Cannot GET /in//user/activate-account/a1fbd23c1b0aeb09a66d9aed917a4e4d

  71. sandy says:

    Verification link is not working

  72. Nithi says:

    Not for tamilnadu users

  73. Gags says:

    Guys, the deal will get live on 13th November…i guess

  74. Swapnil says:

    Website is not responding….lol

  75. RIZWAN says:

    What a joke ?
    They are providing training for this :D

  76. srinivasan says:

    it’s working

  77. Harish Sharma says:

    BAKWAAS. buying in 30 seconds? is it a joke?

  78. linu says:

    I am sure it will not work.

  79. Amit says:

    Ghata kuch hona hai

  80. atanu ghosh says:


  81. jay says:

    Ha ha 30 sec k liyea,fake msg aayega site crashed… LoL

  82. Swapnil says:


  83. dhruv says:

    30 sec mein to iski website bhi nahi khul rahi .
    what a rubbish deal

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