Gillette Free 2 Movie Tickets

gillette-movie-ticketsGillete is offering Free 2 Movie Tickets on taking survey. Valid for the first 100 entries.

Gillette: Free 2 Movie Tickets (select I Own a Car) | Facebook (offer details)

5 Responses to “Gillette Free 2 Movie Tickets”

  1. ankur says:

    Dont go for it….another way of fooling….I an not going to waste my time on this

  2. shivam says:

    i try but its was timepass promotion yar

  3. snikam6691 says:

    fake.even though I selected I own a car ,at the end it says this survey is only for car owners.Fake!!

  4. kailash kher says:

    advt. campaign for ambipur car fragrances. pretend dat u do not use ambipur so that they try to gv u free tickets and other merchandise so that u switch to ambipur

  5. Tushar says:

    This isn’t the sure thing. It says they might send you the vouchers if you are selected.

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