Gillette Regular Shave Foam Rs. 36 – Tradus

Go ahead and get foamy with the rich, creamy lather of Gillette Foamy Regular Shave Foam. With an extra thick consistency for a shave that’s smooth and comfortable. The blade simply glides across your face. Just spread it on, shave with ease, and rinse clean to reveal skin that’s soft to the touch.


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19 Responses to “Gillette Regular Shave Foam Rs. 36 – Tradus”

  1. abhi says:

    shopclues rocks…….. kuch bhi ho shopclues hi aaccha hai ……. tradus se…… no doubt….

  2. sandy says:

    Tradus to chaddi baniyaan pe bhi mast Heavy shipping leta he!itne busy he inke sellers that they dont ship before 4th or 5th day… Bekar he Tradus… chor company… sare chor sellers he inke pas…idiots…

  3. H.S.Gupta says:

    Shipping pincode is non-serviceable against some of the items in your cart. Kindly change shipping address or remove item from cart.


  4. sam says:

    Dear all i wanted to know where in flipkart we are getting for so cheap please send me the link because i searched in flip kart but no where i have seen for 25 rupees if you see if you go out to market buy it bargain it is same cost so it is good that it is delivered to you house without any extra cost so good deal and bogus people send me the link for 25 please dont talk air talks

  5. GOPINATHKN says:

    Again one more waste Deal from TRADUS

    Unlike the Foil day, yesterday they have not reduced the price and I think today also they won’t .

    So boycott TRADUS.

    Dear Save Money Forum, give the feedback to TRADUS let them not fool around the online customers

  6. R Harchand says:

    Tradus having high shipping charges. They have to reduce it.

  7. Vinod says:

    Yes. Sunny I agree with you. Tradus just want everyday 3000 fools to fall in their trap and loot them.

  8. Sunny says:

    Srinath-trying 1 pc is laso wasting our hard earned money. If everyone tries 1 – Tradus ka kaam to ban gaya! Thats what they want.

  9. Srinath says:

    can try 1pc not more than that folks

  10. KRISHAN says:

    ab vo baat nahi rahi is me……….sorry tradus………….

  11. Paveen says:

    Its not Tradus…Its name should be never trade with us…

  12. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Freinds, This item is good for travelling, You cant compare with big gillette foam as smaller are always costly. Any way not bad.

  13. abhi says:

    shipping charges r very high…… 16+20

    jitne ka item nhi usse jyada to shipping charge hai…….

  14. Loothunter says:

    It Seems They just making this hidden deals to loot peoples money without tradus knowledge i think. #Fail

  15. Sridhar says:

    200 gm Gillette foam mrp 140/- avlbl. for 120/- in D mart. so for 50 gms it should not be more than 30/- whats the Mega Deal in this? Tradus fooling Buyers. Boycott Tradus. After 1 hour price will have to be reduced to 26/-.

  16. Sunny says:

    50 gm of foam = 25 gm of normal shaving cream. 25 gm shaving cream good brand costs 13/- so doesnt make sense to go for this item. Good for Rs 21/- only.

  17. varun kapila says:

    Flipkart par 58 ki haI
    Send the link of 25

  18. ABC says:

    TRADUS chor hai

  19. dokri says:

    25 ka toh flipkart pe hi milta h

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