Groupon’s Mystery Bag of Surprises Rs. 199

groupon-surprise• Offer is on a Groupon Mystery Bag with 3 or more products inside worth more than Rs. 199.
• Could include apparel, electronic accessories, household goods, home decor items and MORE.

100% Cashback: 10 Lucky winners will get 100% Cash Back for the Mystery Deal that they buy! Details in product page.

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20 Responses to “Groupon’s Mystery Bag of Surprises Rs. 199”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Ashish and particularly ankit-Chaa gaye tussi.Delighted to hear.I am not finding me stupid at all.Vindicated even though in huge minority.Ruing didn’t bought one extra deal if two orders could have been allowed unlike onions.
    Free Maggi 2 equivalent when most abused Maggi and got finally and also from me.I stood for Maggi intentions and see who was right,the evil lunatics or the benign(Only world class psychiatrists say that!!!
    If a single person laughs about it,it was a joke maybe even PJ else reality!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything is on records on this thread,proves many things.Beneficial ques for EVERYONE is whether “being skeptical and expressing without any reason” brings smile to the person and his family or using whatever mind and others’ suggestion even if painful based on reasons.Forget others.

  2. ankit says:

    I got only 4 items but all are awesome
    1]- Nike branded original shoe worth rs 1995
    2]- One dual sim mobile
    3]- pepe shirt
    4]- car freshner(not that good)

    out of all this nike shoes are thye best i dint expected this from groupon..thanks a lot to grupon…

  3. Ashish says:

    Got the Bad today & am very Surprised Got Total 6 items all of Top-Notch Quality
    1.- Shirt (Divided Brand Made in Bangladesh)
    2.- Aviators Sun-glass
    3.- Marcus Brand Brown Shoes ( Good Quality)
    4.- Car Air Freshener (Not That Good)
    5.- Crazeal Batman Kitchen
    6.- Angry Birds Bottle

    Got Items Worth More then 2K, Very Much Happy…

  4. Ruchir says:

    @himanshu,vivek-Plz make your comments more meaningful by saying happy or not.That will make all of us more knowledgeable in terms of what each was thinking and not applied,doubting but applied,confident and applied and confident but could not apply although last case is either delay or the doubting category.I don’t know how miniscule % go as deep.That will tell the story who got fooled by assuming that result and so on and how others should or should not be influenced by them.
    1-Angry Birds bottle,unique,never seen but I think it sells and worth 70-100 online.I loved it although I have to keep 30 of them every moment…
    2-Shirt quite good fabric and imported-Made in bangladesh!!!!!Nice blue,black checks on white base.Easily above 199
    3-Small powerful bag almost double normal square shaving/travel bag having net in some part to see some area when zipped.
    4-MTV aviators original MRP 3450-inflated but original in original leather packing.
    Now I can’t be happier as all things are great,useful and costly.I was only fearing specific clothing and accessories but thanks to Groupon,They must have heard my praise.

    I have paid using 250 months back on 750 and OOS,refunded 250 in credits,full money in bank same day,used 199 and remains 51.Practically free.These people are so principled.They refund free coupons(Who else does that) for 1 yr credit validity,no min and refunded same day without asking for 2 refunds.
    @Vinay T-Sirji You have not cited the reason why you were so skeptical but you may want to have a relook that.MRP has no meaning I have told here many times but to preempt they will use as excuse is it u will agree maybe based on prejudice as well.199 commitment is necessary as some guideline needed.They said min three and most including me(not exactly) thought only 3 and I got 4,some 5 and so on.Who could have thought 5 etc so by ruling out more than 3 is a bias in itself.It boils to reputation alone and experience(no past Indian) to decide either way although nothing was very clear about composition and barring some sites we don’t get what we pay for and so we have it in mind whether we wish or not.But Groupon is a different beast and not plagued by models of Ebay,Amazon who can be as nuisance as the seller are freelancers
    I can cite 50 reasons to have faith but will take space.In US-1 person got the Laptop,same thing,not Diwali.But basic premise was Groupon is joy is reaffirmed to me once and for all.

  5. vivek says:

    I got a white polo T-Shirt,a White ladies Top,Angry Bird Water Bottle and a travel zipper case (small) Total 4 products

  6. himanshu says:

    I got 5 products-one blue check shirt,one legging,one nighty,one angry birds water bottle and one shorts.All products are of good quality as well.

  7. Tomal says:

    Pleas bring some moreGroupon’s Mystery

  8. Amrish says:

    It’s sold out now, those who purchased items let us know the contents

  9. Vinay T says:

    @Ruchir Lets wait and see what they are giving. Today’s MRP is far more bloated then it used to be(so that they can give discounts? :D ).

  10. harsh says:

    they make us fool

  11. Ruchir says:

    @Vinay T-Best comment.

    I am more hopeful for many reasons particularly if they are as generous for Indians as for Americans.We will see the difference but as stated at least the MRP should exceed 199 and same Crazeal distributed 2Gb PDs for free,onions for dime and it is basically known for not disappointing its customers all over the world.It is the best and the only one in its class unarguably

    Zovi surprise shirt in contrast made me almost jump into well.Zovi is not perhaps what it was.

  12. rahul says:

    bought 15 bags…haha

  13. vabnish says:


  14. baby says:

    i don’t want to get fooled!

  15. vabnish says:


  16. Debasish says:

    ‘Desh Ka Namak’ to nehi bhejenge !!!!

  17. Vinay T says:

    I most definitely dont want to be surprised! I dont want to see a 100 rs watch / a cheap t shirt and a 10 rs shaving blade :D

  18. senthil says:

    instead they can send 10kg of onion for this price

  19. senthil says:

    the better way to sold unsold item.

  20. Ruchir says:

    Tricky one

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