Hand Block Double Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers Rs. 191 – ShopClues

Queen size double bedsheet (90*100) Inches.

Coupon: SC3JB29

Buy: Hand Block Double Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers (2 designs, 7 colors)

25 Responses to “Hand Block Double Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers Rs. 191 – ShopClues”

  1. preyank says:

    i was lucky enough to buy 2 of them for 191 :D

  2. Sharath Kumar G says:

    it is showing 329/-Lucky are those who bought it for 191/-

  3. MUNI says:

    IT IS 348 NOT 191…….BUT FOR 348 IT IS WORTH….

  4. Original says:

    SMI posted all the deals at right time.. Also SMI mentioned on front page : “Deal not working?
    You have to be fast – most of the deals are available for a limited time. Keep checking often for more great deals. ”

    So its fault of users that they clicked late.. So dont blame SMI that he has given wrong code… Good Luck for Upcoming Deals…

    and Thanks SMI for your ultimate work….

  5. Virender Kumar Gupta says:

    It is wrong communication from Shopclues, it is for 329/- in place of 191/-.
    When I speak with the shopclues customer care office then he told me its wrong updation from us.

  6. Sreenath says:

    As I said earlier, it was a price typo in the beginning which they corrected later. As other lucky fellows, I bought this product for Rs. 191/-. Don’t blame shopclue or SMI.

  7. rakesh says:


  8. Gagan says:

    This code is not working wht u hav given smi.

  9. AJAY says:

    its 348 not 191

  10. Anonymous says:

    deal price is showing 329 not 191 after discount also showing same

  11. ramesh says:

    it showing 369. it is fake deal

  12. joe says:

    pls send me code

  13. gagan says:

    The coupon you entered is incorrect. Please check the coupon code you entered and try again.

  14. joe says:

    it’s 329…not available in 191

  15. rAVINDRA says:

    NOT 199/ IT IS 348/

  16. jay says:

    Sold Out

  17. Ruchir says:

    The first deal on the top of Home page is quite fab,it should remain at all pages after clicking any page,previous ,next etc.Not on specific link for a specific deal.

    Most imp will be then to choose the right one,not like this.This is a grey area even if not worst deal possible.Like yesterday was FDW. Was OK. Should change fast as situation,hour,two hour,three hour 24 min and so on.That will befit this great site and increase usefulness to visitors.The first(flagship) should have bigger image and lesser lines,so that size of column is same and easy to understand this is the best deal so far and not to be missed.

  18. Sreenath says:

    May be it was an price typo. Now they adjusted it properly. Lucky those who bought for Rs. 191 :)

  19. jay says:

    it is showing Deal Price: Rs.329

  20. VINAY says:

    Its no longer 191, its 329. Please remove the sticky.

  21. KRISHAN says:

    it is showing 329 / -

  22. Original says:

    Though its Cheap but the product quality is Worst…

  23. Amit Bansal says:

    hows the quality if some one can tell me ..if bought earlier

  24. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  25. HARISH says:

    The deal price is 172 rupees excluding shipping of Rs.19 so the total cost/deal offer is Rs.191

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