HCL Power Bank Emergency Charger 1800mAh Rs. 399 – SnapDeal

hcl-powerSnapDeal has discounted HCL Power Bank Emergency Charger 1800mAh to Rs. 399. Features 4-in-1 connector, you can charge your mobile, PSP or gaming console, camera, iPod or MP3 player simultaneously, overload cut off protection so there is no fear of overcharging & strong 1800 mAh capacity and comes with two LED torch lights.

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9 Responses to “HCL Power Bank Emergency Charger 1800mAh Rs. 399 – SnapDeal”

  1. jigs says:

    @ sHahjaha
    I have a smartphone.& 1 simple samsung phone both have a different plug can I bay power bank and use in both devices

  2. milan says:

    Hcl provides 6 months warranty too…afteral u cant say hcl product as a third quality….de only problem is de 1800mah but wen considering de price tag its worth…and even china products without warranty or service is priced even higher dan this!!

  3. patel says:

    third class quality dnt buy ow u loose your money. go for infibeam and tradus

  4. lobo says:

    yar mepe iphone hai .. will it work for it ??
    uske toh battery b change nai ho skte .. help plz.

  5. ShahJahan says:

    @G D AIRAN: Since you only want to charge one device, then instead of getting a power bank charger, why don’t you buy additional battery for your smartphone? This will generally save you money and it is easier to carry a battery, than a power bank charger.

    BUT if you wish to buy a charger bank, then get something that has more mAh.

    I have two batteries for my phone which I carry in my wallet. One one battery discharges, I replace it with another. Then I charge both batteries at home! This saved me money, and is easier to carry additional battery.

  6. G D AIRAN says:

    Thanks SHAH JAHAN

    i have one smartphone i want to charge during travelling
    pl let me tell other better options available

  7. ShahJahan says:

    @ G D AIRAN: follow Khaali Dabba’s advice as he is RIGHT. You need to have more mAh to be able to fully charge anything. 1800mAh is just not enough, and there are better options available.

    PS: if you DON’T have several devices to charge, just one, then getting its battery and charging them all at your home or office will save you money and even space as you can carry batteries in pocket! BUT if you have several devices with different batteries, then get a power bank.

  8. G D AIRAN says:

    Anyone having idea of its quality

    i want to purchase one power bank for my smart phone

  9. Khaali Dabba says:

    As a power Bank 1800mah not much, you can not get even one full charge for your smart phone so useless, go for at least 4800mah, with that you can get 2* charge

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