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78 Responses to “Radixe Droom Helmet Rs. 9 – Droom”

  1. R2 says:

    Received mine too. Quality is awesome.

    Droom’s committment to their deal is far better than fake deals we had seen in the past from few well known companies.

  2. Anand says:

    Now price is 450 rs

  3. Abhishek Gupta says:

    Got one 2 days back. Red colored. Thanks SMI, Rs 9 me kya milega bhai. ???

  4. cook says:

    I have received 3 days back the quality of the product is awesome do not post wrost quality because the quality is very nice thanks droom .

  5. Amit says:

    Got my helmet yesterday in blue color.The quality is excellent.In local market its value is more than 600/-. Surely its an awesome deal for me. Everyone in my family got stunned after getting the price.oohoo.Thanks Droom and thanks SMI for listing.

  6. Choudharysahab says:

    Received 2 Helmet in 2 different colors. One is blue and 1 is red. Awesome quality.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Got The Helmet AWSOME QUALITY

  8. R2 says:

    @Dharmin Shah,

    Thanks Dharmin. Mine also shipped.

  9. Amit says:

    Mine was also shipped, yet to receive.Waiting…


    Received 2 helmets. Thanx SMI and droom, very good quality. Where r those guys who were saying that droom is fake. But it took 1 month time to deliver.

  11. Vishal says:

    I got it today

  12. Dharmin Shah says:

    @R2: I received this message before 10days and check your shopclues account for order.

  13. bhargav says:

    Yes, I got a order confirm message from Shopclues. and later shipping details too

  14. Vishal says:

    Is DROOM.IN Printed on helmets?

  15. R2 says:

    Last message I have received was “Thank you for your patience. Your order will be shipped within 10 working days.”

    @Bhargav Naga, @Dharmin Shah

    Did you receive any message before receiving the helmet?

  16. Dharmin Shah says:

    Received Product but they are buy this from shopclues.com which is cost 106rs and they pay for it as NEFT/RTGS.

  17. bhargav says:

    Actually i got it by Shopclues, may be droom got tie up with Shopclues to deliver it

  18. bhargav says:

    What ya? I got helmet.

  19. Vk says:

    @bhargav naga
    What u got helmet or message?

  20. Bhargav Naga says:

    Yesterday I got it.

  21. Vk says:

    Anyone got message from ShopClues about helmet order..

  22. WebUser says:

    Anyone received

  23. Vk says:

    Ready to ship

  24. Ashish Soulakhe says:

    Anybody received please share images

  25. gagan says:

    Hi Gagan choudhary,

    We regret to say that, shipping your Helmet is taking longer than usual. But we assure you that your Helmet will reach you within next 15 days.

  26. Rk says:

    Fool of the year, you are the cheater. Your comments shows so don’t talk nonsense. Btw, you are the one who is talking idiotic logic, so don’t blame others. Cheaters like you should be put behind bars.

  27. Manoj says:

    Your order 10*** has been confirmed. We will intimate you as it will be shipped.

    Lets droom!

    You can also reach us on:

    Droom Technology Private Limited
    90/31B, First Floor, Malviya Nagar,
    New Delhi – 110017

    Customer Support: 1800 300 37666

  28. Amit says:

    My order confirmed today.Let’s see…

  29. Vk says:

    Not received

  30. WebUser says:

    Did any one received the product

  31. fool of the year says:

    Giving people commitment/hope and then not keeping is called cheating.
    Snapdeal had to pay following the verdict of Honorable judges of Supreme Court, the court didn’t listen to the idiotic logic of some fools and agents of traders like Rk :P

  32. fool of the year says:

    Rk is supporting cheat traders. He is part of a “responsible cheaters” :D :D :D

  33. Rohit says:

    I have buy one successfully. I hope seller deliver the items in timely???

  34. sud says:

    it is fake or not.


    It is not fake because it’s their style for promoting the website and brand. As u can see in image there is logo of droom.


    I talked to their customer care and they have ensured me that they will deliver the product within 10 days.

  37. Rk says:

    I am not the agent but I am responsible citizen. I don’t take profit from somebody’s loss. Btw, droom is giving helmet. But their server is down. I don’t need to watch what a loser like you do. Idiots like you should be banned from using net. Shame shame

  38. rohit says:

    in product description there is clause of whatsapp varification

  39. fool of the year says:

    You seem to be an agent of the cheating droom guys. Don’t worry, web2 is unpardonable and we can catch up all of them and make pay heavily.
    It’s a duty of customers to fight illegal traders. Wait and watch what I’ll do with the droom guys this time.
    :D :D :D

  40. Rk says:

    Fool of the year, you don’t did anything good to show off. You are loser. Only because of idiots like you, nowadays company don’t give offer. That iPhone case is not cheating that’s technical mistake. And you losers are making profit of it. There should be procedure to file case against cheaters like you.

  41. fool of the year says:

    Well done! Now file a case or forget your Rs.18/-
    :P :P :P


    Ordered 1 more from different account. Thnx again.

  43. fool of the year says:

    @Abhishek: It’s easy, put the details of the website, the offer and your registration details in a blank page and submit at your nearest (district) consumer court. No fee, no advocate needed.

    @AMIT GARG: They took my case, let’s see what they do. Last time they did awesome, I ordered an iphone at Rs.68/- from Snapdeal and then that got cancelled.

    :D :D :D


    Successfully ordered 1. Thnx. Will be delivered in next 10 days in Muzaffarnagar(UP).

  45. Hemant says:

    Ordered one successfully after some attempt. Hope they deliver it.

  46. AMIT GARG says:

    @ fool of the year -
    You can not file a case in consumer court until you become customer.
    To become customer you need to place an order first .

    You can file case in normal court only in this case.

  47. Amit says:

    Placed one order after many attempts. Hope they will deliver without making fool…

  48. Abhishek says:

    @fool of the year, bro pls tell me the process to file such a case.

  49. Subhajit Nandan says:

    Ordered successfully

  50. Vijay says:

    I just booked one after so many attempts and got order confirmation email.

    Hope they deliver it actually!

  51. jannat says:

    I got in Rs 9 after wasting time of 2hours

  52. fool of the year says:

    Filed a cheating case in consumer court.
    Three months back I made Snapdeal pay me Rs.25,000/-.
    Let’s see how much can I earn this time :D

  53. Srikanth Chilupuri says:


  54. kiran says:

    Oops… we are suddenly famous
    OOPS… we are suddenly FOOLS… its TRUE
    With 1 Trick, simply they got Lakhs of Registrations.(our emails, phone numbers).
    Litarally it was very easy to Fool —(i’m also —..sorry). Please don’t Trust all these offers, waste of all our valuable time.

  55. raghu says:

    HAHAH even he cant maintain his SIte properly… poor fellow.
    then why he kept this offer. Might be he want clicks.

  56. Subhajit Nandan says:


  57. giriraj says:

    Droom is selected number 1cheater site in 2K16

  58. jannat says:

    Error in exception handler: Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later. (View: /opt/drmprod/droom-transactional-website/app/views/web/layouts/main.blade.php) (View: /opt/drmprod/droom-transactional-website/app/views/web/layouts/main.blade.php) in /opt/drmprod/droom-transactional-website/app/controllers/Base.php:272

  59. Anonymous says:

    OOPS !!!

    We are Suddenly Famous

  60. jannat says:

    4G per bhi error

  61. suby says:

    They have blocked all transactions and Payment Gateway.

  62. satish says:

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 6815765

    Varnish cache server

  63. Aveek says:

    Buy now link was not available

  64. r2 says:

    Droom se…Doom…

  65. jannat says:

    site hanged

  66. Anonymous says:

    Not able to buy… As buy now link was not available

  67. VIKAS SHARMA says:

    This is call CHINDI CHORI.
    Evbdy getting this:: ?

    OOPS !!!
    We are Suddenly Famous

  68. Veer says:

    Indeed they have suddenly become famous. bana rahe hai.

  69. Aritra Kundu says:

    Fake hai…dikha raha hai we are suddenly famous

  70. suby says:

    This so called company , “Droom ” cannot even survive like this.

  71. satish says:

    OOPS !!!
    We are Suddenly Famous

  72. Aksh says:

    Jitni jaldi wo famous hone ka soch rhe h utni hi jaldi Sb bhul b jaege sale bewakoof bna rhe h janta ko.. Ye koi offer nhi h Bs apni site pe hit krwa rha h jyada se jyada logo se taki uski hit bade or wo google ki Search list me upr aaye

  73. suby says:

    This is Utter Fake thing Happening on Droom. Just a mere strategy to increase popularity and a little traffic,

  74. razat says:

    OOPS !!!

    We are Suddenly Famous

  75. Sandeep says:

    Location cannot be selected. Registration cannot be done

  76. Jeh says:

    not able to register

  77. Srikanth Chilupuri says:

    eagerly awaiting to buy this product…

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