Hobby Hand Wash 400ml Rs. 48 – ShopClues

jd_hobby_handwashShopClues has Hobby Hand Wash 400ml for Rs. 48. Features Maintains skins pH balance, Makes your hands fragrant without drying them & Cleans your hands smoothly and maintains moisture balance.

Coupon: SCHW29

Buy: Hobby Hand Wash 400ml (Imported by Dabur)

66 Responses to “Hobby Hand Wash 400ml Rs. 48 – ShopClues”

  1. mounish says:

    in before sunday flea market deal i have brought it. it’s superb. it’s quality is good and now i am again going to buy. shopclues is my best site.

  2. pk says:

    this is third class product

  3. ajk says:

    ShopClues is losing trust. They are not delivering my product for 1 month now. Every time they say we respect your patience.

  4. Sunny says:

    Shop Clues getting worst day by day.Big Cheaters. whenevr I have purchased any clothes Utensils etc they were of 3rd class reject Quality worse than raodsode stuff. Even most of thier branded Products are Duplicate. Gilltte face wash & Revlon Shampoo were of 3rd class quality.

  5. Srinath says:

    get same product 1litre bottles at around same price in deals in supermarkets

  6. MRK says:

    Not good. Have bought last time. Smells good but not producing foam.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not nice product.. Last time i purchased the same..

  8. MG says:

    pehle to re. 38/- mai tha ab 48/- mai hai not a jaw droping deal
    is rate mai to market mai mil jayega without pump

  9. kartik says:

    bekaar deal.. low quality product.. 20 rs me bhi kharidne wal nhi hai

  10. mani says:

    dont buy,this is a cheap quality product,is is avilable in easy day buy 1 get 1 free in rs 20 only in delhi,so why we bought from shopclues ,fraoud site,they send duplicate products(garnier face wash,duplicate rams,expired pepsodent mouth wash)..LTV

  11. krishan says:

    NOT A GOOD DEAL ?????????

  12. Gagan says:

    Nowadays shopclues deals are not really Jaw Droping…not interested in buying this hand wash

  13. SANJU says:

    hat dhote dhote mera to hat i handwash ban gaya….was waiting for a far better jjd deal frm shopclues like previous week 4park avnu shop for just rs 63……TODAYS DEAL–>BAKWAS

  14. viki says:

    cheap quality product dnt buy it

  15. vikram says:

    Now shopclue cheating with clients they send duplicate product (With Me they send 2GB Duplicate Ram) & after some time they don’t reply your mails, don’t answer on chat also they disconnect without any reason. they send expired product (Check if you bought Last time Jaw Dopping Deal Pepsodent Mouthwash) There is no any Exp. date & Manufacture Date because they remove from product.

    So Kindly avoid Shopclue

    Kindly suggess me now what I do against shopclue

  16. Hemant says:

    They them selves are confirming that it is an expired Product.Waste of Money! At this price you get Fresh stock good branded Handwash without a Pump. Who needs so many Pumps. Shop Clues offers are getting worst.

  17. Cool says:

    This time not jaw dropped.wahi pehe wali bakwaas deal nikaal.di.

  18. gdairan says:

    good,bought one

  19. patel says:

    50 rs with shipping most imp in every store and D mart only charge 48 rs so go and buy direct

  20. anil gupta says:

    shipping charge kam karo bahut maehnga hai koi nahi laega

  21. SG says:

    Bakwas deal hai……….No JDD……….Ab wo baat nahi rahi SC ki JDD me

  22. Vivek says:

    @rhea may u have ordered 2….because…i hv faced similar problem…don worry they ll refund ur money…they are fair…

  23. Rhea says:

    Order Status : Paid : On hold…. :(

    What is wrong with shopclues.. first Revlon Face wash order was cancelled… Now this is on hold….

  24. PRAFUL says:

    very good deal but kab aayega

  25. Vivek says:

    And also arnab its expiry is in 2014…till then we ll use many HOBBY S…..:)…u can give a try yaa..

  26. Vivek says:

    It ll definately in the comming sunday market…ll buy one more if delivery is before sunday…and I find its good….

  27. Vivek says:

    @arnab…its not manufactured by dabur actually…its marketed by dabur which is a reliable brand…pricing is also fine…so we can try …..not bad…bought one…

  28. Jigar Mewada says:

    Awesome deal…bought 5

  29. Arnab says:

    @Vivek – Please check in the shopclues page – Date of Manufacture- 06/ 2011. How can a product manufactured in 2011 be a New launch?

  30. Vivek says:

    New launch from dabur…not yet arrived in market…its an introductory offer from shop clues…ok..n its nice…:)

  31. Nik says:

    Sold out :(

  32. Gagan says:

    Deal over in 2 hrs :(

  33. Priya says:

    i think no..



  35. Mayur N says:

    Imported from Dabur!!!
    I think it is some local (may be low also) grade handwash of some other country and Dabur has imported it in India under DABUR tag…
    question is: does it has good quality?

  36. vicky donar says:

    Date of Manufacture- 06/ 2011
    Best Before- 5/14

  37. MAHEN says:

    Bought in Rs. 1 used my shopclues bucks ;))

  38. sandy says:

    says: Imported from Dabur!!! what does that mean? either it is or it is not… simple!

  39. sandy says:

    BRAND name DABUR or HOBBY? Local product is it?!

  40. kamran says:

    ordered 4

  41. narayan says:

    See product description

    Date of Manufacture- 06/ 2011
    Best Before- 5/14
    ………………………. chalo atleast expired to nahi bech rahe…. bt manufactured on 06/2011….
    jo kahi nahi bikta wo shopclues pe bikta hai

  42. H.S.Gupta says:

    bought one……..

  43. Anonymous says:

    bought one

  44. Reeta says:

    ye 400ml ka hai plz tel me.

  45. Arnab says:

    Deal Live…bought the product using the coupon code around 1pm…..

  46. Sarath says:

    got it for 25, used my clue bucks, thanks SMI :)

  47. sara says:

    coupon code not working.

  48. Manoj says:

    It is live.. Use Coupon code: SC1HW19

  49. Raghavan says:

    Date of Manufacture- 06/ 2011
    Best Before- 5/14

  50. GOPAL says:


  51. rohan says:

    ordered 1

  52. vivek says:

    use code SC1HW19 its works I placed an order

  53. Ayan Das says:

    any update about when it will come?

  54. Prajot says:

    When is this deal going to be available, lot’s are waiting for same

  55. Anonymous says:

    use SC1HW19

  56. sitar says:


  57. ABC says:

    Coupon Code not Given, Can’t Redeem

  58. kapil says:

    SMI walon ki seting hai shopclue walon se isliye homeshop18 wali baat sach ho ya naa ho per shopclue ki sach hi hogi I am waiting for the deal…

  59. Vihari says:

    Mostly @1:00pm

  60. Anonymous says:

    today at 3:00 pm

  61. pankaj says:

    kamal hai shopclues walon ne deal b nai di abhi aur smi ne chaap b diya

  62. vishal says:

    when Upcoming deal

  63. vishal says:

    coppen not given

  64. manjur says:

    kab ayega

  65. vishal says:

    When is this deal going to be available?

  66. Arnab says:

    When is this deal going to be available?

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