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home100Fresh Stock at 22nd May, 12PM.
• Cashback can be used to Recharge, Pay Bills, Buy Products from 500+ Categories or Book Bus Tickets.

100% Cashback Promo Code: WOW100 (or use Promo Code from product page)

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115 Responses to “Home & Kitchen 100% Cashback – PayTm”

  1. jagadeesh says:

    Paytm was 1st time fake offers sale ..don’t weast of time..

  2. swetha says:

    time waste, dont see

  3. Crpf says:

    Kya offr hai..out of stock aatha hai..

  4. Hasmukh Patel says:

    i have place 5 order in 2 paytm accounts :)

    one paytm account you place 3 orders.


  5. priya says:

    today offer came@12:08 only 1 product pink doc holder…was able to apply coupon but didnt order as it was of cheap quality :( :/

  6. pankaj says:

    Bakwad hai yaar.

  7. mounish says:

    Bought HomeSmart Travel Document Holder (2) :-)

  8. Piyu says:

    :’( :’( :’(

  9. Raghu says:

    Item added in cart but “Sorry, this offer has expired” for WOW100@ 12PM only.. time waste.

  10. Raghavendra says:

    NO offers

  11. rohit says:

    out of stock at 12:00:00

  12. Sevy says:

    how many orders can be placed from 1 id ?

  13. Vivek says:

    Fresh Stock at 22nd May, 11AM.

  14. tushar says:

    Its a totally fake deal if you r lucky enough bcoz all product got sold with in 10 seconds…so try in this 10 seconds.If u failed then no chance..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Next sale time please?

  16. Rack says:

    When is next sale?.Can we check this anywhere in PAYTM site?

    Till now I could not able to get the time and I missed all the times. So don’t wanna miss next one.

  17. raj says:

    bought succesfully 1 curtain. today and 3 plastic box yesterday…

  18. jhgxs says:


  19. priya says:

    managed to book a bedsheet again…yipee

  20. piter says:

    wow happy!!
    1 oreder of 4 face towel succesful thanks to smi and paytm

  21. Anonymous says:

    making see…
    its nothing
    only checking website load

  22. Vivek says:

    At last got one feeling relieved for effort and time spent got something.Hope the product will be delivered

  23. Modi says:

    Big Billion Day’s is back .. Not @ Flipkart
    But now @ Paytm ..
    Out of Stock .. in Sec … No ullu banaving

  24. Saurabh says:

    Deal is working but nothing worth buying left to buy.. :(

  25. hari says:

    waste of time

  26. Abster says:

    @ Priya, do u work for for Paytm or SMI thats why you are getting personal, its a waste of time in hindi for all

  27. priya says:

    whoever thinks it is fake plz boycott Paytm atleast ones like me will be able to place more products…instead of criticizing plz don’t waste ur tym on these deals

  28. Sanjay says:

    Its fake deal, waste of time.

  29. priya says:

    100% original deal…itz not fake…i ordered yesterday also i was able to place order

  30. priya says:

    morning offer didnt comeup till 11:15 so didn’t order now it came @1:33 ordered double bedsheet 100% cashback jus 35 rs for shipping.

  31. Sajja says:

    This is not good and lying to customers since no offer and Out of stock …to bad

  32. Pravin says:

    You get only two things in this deal !!! Either you get “promo code expired” or Out of stock error .. but you never get the deal…This DEAL SUCKS

    BIG BIG SUCKER .. Savemoneyindia shouldnt misguide its visitors by posting such stupid paytm tricks

  33. Radha says:

    Offer is expired bakwas offer

  34. deepak says:

    Fatty paytm costumer ko pagal bana rahi hsirf two second ke liye stock
    Tum bhi dhokha do ese

  35. kARAN says:

    fake and poor website.

  36. Prashant says:

    All item with 100% cash back is out of stock always… its 100% stupidity.

  37. deepak says:

    Everything out of Stock!!! this will make #paytm out of market

  38. ramesh says:

    abe paytm wale, kangaal ho gaye kya. offer aayi ni aur out of stock. sharam se mar jayo doob kar

  39. Praveen says:

    DOnt try this..Waste of time..

  40. Dharmesh soni says:

    koi to esa bolo k muje 100%cash back mila nd mene purchase kiya sab yahi keh rahe he fake he ye skim
    paytm valo bandh kardo ye sab khel ya real me offer do

  41. Amit says:

    Fake site h aaj tk jitne b offer diye SB out of stock h

  42. Anonymous says:

    3 item aaye the aaj
    teeno bekaar item the
    lene walla kuch nahi tha usme
    5:30 baje shayad kuch lene layak aye
    most probably abhi ki tarah hi bekaar products ayenge

  43. piter says:

    1 product show and out of stock on this time wow paytm flow show

  44. Anonymous says:

    3 bar se aisa kar raha jhuthe offer post karta hai paytm 1 mahina se Mara hua hai ko marne do

  45. sampreeth says:

    paytm also started cheating public…no product found…unnecessarily v r wasting time on this.

  46. krunal says:

    No any item in paytm 100% cash back betweentime 10:55am to 11:25 am

  47. Ritesh says:

    No products found

  48. yash agarwal says:

    WTF 11:13 and there is no offer.

  49. raj says:

    pahle ham paytm ko kaddu banate the .is bar paytm ne hame kaddu bana diya…

  50. rohit chauhan says:

    New, Popular, Price click on new to see product but unable to apply coupon WOW100. it says offer expired

  51. sanjay says:

    paytm is making fool

  52. G D AIRAN says:

    jt is 11.1oam no products

  53. sidhart says:

    no sale start yet @11.10 AM

  54. piter says:

    paytm flop show

  55. sam says:

    bana rahen han

  56. AMIT KUMAR says:

    nothng till now

  57. ramesh says:

    ghanta offer hai, soory offer expired aa rhaa, paytm logo ko murakh banan chor de, warna ua ka bhi bura haal hoga.

  58. Anonymous says:

    No sale at 11am today!

  59. deepak kumar says:

    11:00 baje …kon se desh ki baat kar rahe hain.. 11:5 ho gaye.. kuch bhi add nahi kiya

  60. Piyu says:

    bhai kab aayegi offer ? 11:03 ho gaye hai, no products over there till now.

  61. Kalyan says:

    No products found

  62. Kalyan says:

    Not coming..

  63. Pawan says:

    it says Offer has expired!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    paytm basal gaya hai puchho Kaiser pahale offer deta that ab dhokha deta hai

  65. priya says:

    keep refreshing have patience nd don’t add befor the trick goes live add as soon as the trick is active+ u need a good net connectivity…itz similar to that FIRSTCRY sale

  66. Vikas says:

    I got Aransa Jacquard Rose Lace Table Cloth Yellow 36″ X 54″ only on delivery charges 35 rs.

  67. Romit says:

    Priya please share trick with us

  68. Pradyumna says:

    Guys it is a trick. Keep on refreshing the product you want to purchase. The moment Buy Now is available to click then immediately do it. You have to be patient enough.

  69. krgvgf says:

    what is trick please share

  70. mounish says:

    ordered Nano 9 Insulated Energy Cool Bottle 700 ML 4 times in 4 accounts

  71. priya says:

    guyz if u use ur common sense then only u can get it ;) i missed it twice earlier but got the trick now

  72. priya says:

    finally got it

  73. bhargav says:

    Bought 2 products.. with different accounts.. but shiiping charge is high.. total Rs.70

  74. Kazhikulam M. Natarajan says:

    What the offer…

  75. hari says:

    out of stock

  76. Vj says:

    Flop show. None of the products available for purchase. Pepperfry is rock star in these kind of offers. Grow up paytm. At least learn something from pepperfry.

  77. Rahul says:

    Farzi paytm floppp hai bas drama karta hai har bar

  78. love says:

    fake site… every day cheat .. “bakwas”..

  79. sanju says:

    Everything is out of stock …fraud site

  80. pragnesh says:

    this is a flop deal

  81. kiran says:

    mera dil kar rha goli maar doon paytm walo ko. offer on 5.30pm in 1 minute shoing all sold out. what the

  82. rakesh says:

    bhai ye sabhi site per visiter lane ke tarike hai kuch order nahi kar sakte aap all item are sold out and stock hoga bhi tab tak coupon code expire ho jayega

  83. paytm says:

    product showing out of stock on right 5:30:00

  84. sumanth says:

    Fake offer

  85. yogesh says:

    Out of stock

  86. narendra says:

    all item out of stock kya kre bechare saare bick gye

  87. Anonymous says:

    nly they put quantity of 1 to each.. I was bought a curtain but charged Rs.35 for shipping charges..okay..:-)

  88. KaranKD says:

    bahut fudu banayaheai

  89. pawan says:

    ye fool bnane ka nya tarika hai inka

  90. deepak says:

    Kisi KO nahi milega sir 1miniute ke liye dalte h

  91. hitendra says:

    … Me nahi h Dum aur yudh karenge hum

  92. VIJAY says:


  93. Mohanraj says:

    It’s there. But it’s not there. :)

  94. Ritesh says:

    everything already out of stock

  95. hari says:

    time waste…stupid paytm

  96. vishu says:

    wast of time

  97. Sanjay says:

    All time “Sorry, this offer has expired”.

  98. pappu says:

    I opened paytm from 9:40am. when offer live at 10:00am. All products are out of stock. total waste of time. fraud offer. paytm is disappointing.

  99. Sanjay says:

    “Sorry, this offer has expired”.

  100. Serious Buyer says:

    I think we are fuddu, thats why are wasting our time on such type of offers

  101. archana says:

    It is 100% time waste, Not a 100% cash back .

  102. amarjyot says:


  103. kARAN says:

    jago grahak jako me complain karna padenga

  104. kARAN says:

    ullu banav schame. paytm public ka time waste karti he. Not a 100% cashback .

  105. A J says:

    Waste of time…:-(

  106. Simhadri says:

    Waste of time

  107. ishu says:

    All items out of stock

  108. bhargav says:

    Only they put quantity of 1 to each.. I was bought a curtain but charged Rs.35 for shipping charges..okay..:-)

  109. RAJ says:

    code already expired

  110. Kalyan says:

    Paytm is showing the error message

    “Sorry, this offer has expired”.

  111. Tulan says:

    People are also dumb because before deal started all products are out of stock…please wait till promo code released

  112. neeraj mehta says:

    paytm now makinf fool

  113. sanjiv says:

    paytm wale. code lagane par offer expired keh rhaa. cheating with users. shame on u paytm

  114. Tulan says:

    This is PayTm Flop show…

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