Honor Selfie Stick Rs. 1 – HiHonor

honor-selfieGet the Honor Selfie Stick at Rs. 1. There are 20 units. September 25 – 27 at 12PM.

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11 Responses to “Honor Selfie Stick Rs. 1 – HiHonor”

  1. Gvm says:

    why r u acting cheaply for publicity, we are trying to enter email it is not taking special characters and then hiw can we proceed further, wasting our time …!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OOS in 1 sec… Honor wants us to act God

  3. Bk says:

    Wast of time. Only 10 units. Please do your work, instead of spending time on 10 selfi stick. You will earn more then cost of the product.

  4. vishu says:

    only for west of time

  5. Angry_man says:

    Abhi Yha sab mna kr rhe ho Bt try jarur kroge Sb 1 rs me lene k liye.. Wo 10 unit free me dekr lakho logo se site pe hit krwaega account banwaega or dega kisi ko kuch nhi… Sb Bs rote rahoge bad me ki nhi mila kuch…
    In chinese ke chakkar me kyo pdte ho bhai… Kuch nhi milne wala kisi ko…

  6. Shushank says:

    Khade hoge sab line me lene k liye

  7. SSG says:

    Wow so many units!!! Every one will get one.

  8. Shushank says:

    Aise site wale sabko bhikari samajhte hai…katora leke khari ho jao …time start hoga to loot lo

  9. Ashwin says:

    ye Honor Selfie Stick wale. 10 units bech kar, they think they can successfully advertise their product. I’m not gonna waste my time over this shitty offer.

  10. chandu says:

    The flash sale product is Honor Selfie Stick (Pink). There are 10 units.

  11. Pulkit Rishi says:

    Very thanks if will get this selfie stick.

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