HostGator 1 Month Hosting $0.01 (Rs. 0.55)

Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has been a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Although our headquarters is in Houston, Texas, we provide top-notch service to clients from over 200 countries internationally with our staff of over 750 employees.

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One Response to “HostGator 1 Month Hosting $0.01 (Rs. 0.55)”

  1. Ruchir says:

    It is for years,at something like but it is a trap.Even if one escapes from auto renewal,what would one do for 1 month hosting.Otherwise everybody knows it is a great maybe best web host.But one of the costliest.Could not figure 1 m free use for anybody except for those who can afford it and don’t need it.
    Best free host I found was xtreemhost and bytehost,identical actually.

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