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hotels100• Cashback will be in the form of Promotional Gocash which has a validity of 90 days.
• You can use 50% promotional goCash (of base value) with maximum limit of Rs. 4000 with a limit of 2 transaction in a 24 hour window.

100% Cashback Promo Code: EMBM100 (max cashback Rs. 8000)

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4 Responses to “Hotels 100% Cashback – GoIbibo”

  1. Arun says:

    Don’t fall prey to this fraud offer guys.. If you happen to cancel your trip, you are doomed.. they will not refund your money, instead, treat it as if promotional money they gave it to you. No further discounts will be given. Again, if you have 4000 gocash, you will have to spend 15000 rupees on goibibo to redeem that gocash, that too without any further discounts or coupons. What a loss!!! Bloody cheaters..!!

  2. ahad says:

    A BIG dhoka is what GOCash is all about…
    trust me, its easy to earn but extremely hard to spend…
    to Spend GOCash to need to loosen up your pockets to full extent :D
    Boo Boo to goibiboo :P
    Unfair play…

  3. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Yes they have changed t & c for using go cash especially for hotels. Previously u can use 100 % of net value of hotels but now only 50%.

  4. tarun says:

    this is waste offer, the gocash has its own limitation. Max can use 500 for flights, 2000 for hotels that too 50% value

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