Hugo Boss Jeans 67% off + upto 30% off Rs. 800, Set of 3 Rs. 2098 – SnapDeal

hugo-boss-jeansSnapDeal has Hugo Boss Jeans for Rs. 800 & Set of 3 for Rs. 2098.

20% off on Rs. 999+ Promo Code: WINTER20 (for 1 quantity)
30% off on Rs. 2499+ Promo Code: WINTER30 (for 3 quantity)

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9 Responses to “Hugo Boss Jeans 67% off + upto 30% off Rs. 800, Set of 3 Rs. 2098 – SnapDeal”

  1. sk says:

    I fully endorse the views given above, I had also placed order first for Pepe Jeans which was delivered and there was luckily size mismatch and then placed order for Hugo Boss which is out and out duplicate (Not even Thailand duplicate).

    Got refund for first one and second is in process, they have sent me reverse pick-up mail.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys
    absolutely a LOOTERA E-shop don’t go 4 it.

  3. prakash says:

    hey smi, any thoughts about banning snapdeal from smi…. its jus tht honest consumers like me should not be cheated by their offers… our hard earned money shud not go to crooks like snapdeal….

  4. Keny says:

    I absolutly Agree with Prakash.
    The product is from local market and recived twice the fake product from snapdeal.

    Please dont allow any clothing item to be posted in SMI from snapdeal.
    Else it will be SMI reppo issue :(


  5. prakash says:

    hey smi… i ve posted the pics of the fake hugo jeans tht snapdeal has sent to me…. the label in pic has golden color… it sticks to ur hand wen u touch it and the label inside is dyed with blue color so r the pockets dyed…. its clearely a fake used jeans tht snapdeal has sent to me…. so requesting you to stop all the deals posted by snapdeal as they are intentionally fooling the people with fake stuff and this has happened to me for second tym…. a newport blue jeans bought on 12th oct 2013 was aslo fake
    please smi, m an ardent folloer of urs…. stop posting snapdeal offers on ur website.
    Both the products are from a dealer on snapdeal called SH corporation which is virtually snapdeal itself…. i wrote leeters to the boss of snapdeal…kunal bahl… he didnt evn care to reply…..
    infact the bill sent by them gives no adress of importer!! it is fake

  6. prakash says:

    hey smi… how to post pictures in here? pls do let me knw… m more than willing

  7. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Post high resolution pictures on their Facebook and here.

  8. prakash says:

    I had ordered one…received it today…..absolutely fake product…..kudos Snapdeal for continuing the tradition of selling fake products… N not refunding money….kind request to SMI….stop listing Snapdeal in ur offers…I have all the proof to prove tht they r fraud

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