[ICICI Cards] Right Choice Magazine 1 Year Subscription Rs. 1

right-choice-iciciRight Choice is offering 1 Year Magazine Subscription for Rs. 1. Features Trust facts not opinions, 100% unbiased and independent, Keep up with what’s new, Full access to our online archive & Shop with confidence.

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13 Responses to “[ICICI Cards] Right Choice Magazine 1 Year Subscription Rs. 1”

  1. Right Choice Magazine says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies for the problems caused.

    the link mentioned in this offer is Incorrect. It is a test link which is used by us . We are still investigating how the test link was posted here.

    So Please DO NOT subscribe through the Re.1 Link.

    The correct link is here. -



  2. Kapil says:

    Very useful magazine for comparing products.M loving it.

  3. Swapnil says:

    This is such a useless magazine.
    I had subscribed it 4 months before (for 999/-) and the issue contains less than 100 pages.
    Magazine is full of photos of different products with very less useful content. moreover 25 % is covered by customer grievances.
    The only thing i liked is the 32 GB Sony pendrive that i had got free with it.
    But that also is USB 2.0. But I am happy since it is compatible with Xperia SL

  4. Sri says:

    Just now ordered and not aware about Right Choice Magzine , come to know once I receive. And my successful transaction details:

    Your transaction has been successfully processed and we welcome you to the
    world of Right Choice! Your subscription details will be sent to you by email
    within 4 working days and the same will also be sent to your registered mailing address.

  5. Varun K says:

    Rahi – post the link of ICICI please

  6. Rahi says:

    it’s for 1 year subscription. i check at icici website

  7. Robin singh says:

    only 1 issue for rs.1 tell me how can i book 12 issue for rs.1

  8. uma shankar says:

    This is just for 1 month, i think, not for a year.. It shows no. of issues “1″

    Look at paytm offer for rightchoice, it shows no of issues “12″


  9. Kishor says:

    Good offer.only 1 rupee for 12 issues.

  10. Varun K says:

    Good offer, booked 4 Subscriptions for four friends.

  11. Ruchir says:

    Something like Bigflix but here auto renewal default not visible/applicable.But what is this damad-
    Pay less. Get more.
    Subscription No. of issues Cover price Discount amount Price you pay Subscription Offer
    1 1 1 1% 1 1
    No.of issues 1 Cover price Rs 1 etc,

  12. spiderman says:

    Done using Debit card.. 1 Rs got dedcuted ! Then what Cashback?

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