InkFruit My Size Store 60% off

InkFruit in their My Size Store Sale is offering Flat 60% off. Guys T-Shirts start from Rs. 170, Girls T-Shirts & Tops start from Rs. 120. Discounts are applied at shopping cart.

InkFruit: My Size Store

14 Responses to “InkFruit My Size Store 60% off”

  1. ashish says:

    I got the discount 299 off !!

  2. sandy says:

    its not on all products listed under that category!!!

  3. sandy says:


  4. joy says:

    it is working for me :) thankd smi

    my cart – You now have 1 item(s) in your cart
    Product Quantity SubTotal Remove
    Pete Cold ChillinSize: L
    Rs. 499
    Total Rs. 499
    Discount offered (My size store offer) – Rs. 299
    Grand Total Rs. 200
    Continue Shopping

  5. sandy says:

    Yes agreed…

    but the amount remains the same THROUGHOUT.. be it the first page or the final payment page.. may be if you see the reduced amount of a product then would be great if you can please share that screenshot with us as well…

  6. sandy says:

    SMI.. even the inkfruit customer care is not aware of any such 60% flat not showing up!!! they said they would now escalate this :D

    How come you are so eager and nice to them by posting their ad almost first in the queue now! :d

  7. sandy says:

    not yet SMI…

  8. sandy says:

    people rely on your posts here i guess…
    and this seems to be happening more often than not by you..

    these freebies giving sites you should NEVER advertise even if they pay you a handsome amount for this… its useless you see..

  9. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Could be mistake.

  10. sandy says:

    SMI bhi gayaba! :D jab jab mudde ki baat ati he to be actioned tab tab hamare desh me aisa hi hota he :D

  11. sandy says:

    Clik the lik you gave…then tree links come up…right… then Selected Men m/l size… wen on trough to the payment page… nothng happened! you can try this with the Yellow L size tshirt rs.699/- and sugget then..

  12. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Valid in My Size Store section.

    Mickey Face Yellow Men’s Collar Tee
    Total Rs. 499
    Discount offered (My size store offer)- Rs. 299
    Grand Total Rs. 200

  13. sandy says:

    where discounts? WHICH discouns are you talking of SMI? i dont find any! in the final payment page as well no discount applied!!!

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